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    New President/CEO at Porsche of NA -- Fred Schwab leaves

    peter schwarzenbauer ist the new man in charge for porsche north america -- he's 20 years younger than fred schwab. i heard some months ago that there have been some discussions between the german HQ and schwab because he gave a general discount on the pre-facelift boxster -- which wendelin wiedeking was very unhappy about. i wonder if this has anything to do with his departure...

    read the official press release here:

    Re: New President/CEO at Porsche of NA -- Fred Schwab leaves

    We have that news too, unfortunately you were a little bit quicker. My Austria vacation puts some kind of slowliness to me.

    I'm not sure it was a good idea to name somebody from outside the US CEO of PCNA. And I'm not sure Mr. Schwab did something wrong by providing financial advantages to Boxster buyers. Porsche car sales will slow down further. Reason? Well, slowing market economies and attractive products from other manufacturers. Why does a GT like the SL 55 AMG have 500 HP and a sportscar like the GT3 "only" 381 HP? I know there is a weight difference but most buyers go by power numbers and not by weight figures.
    And the Cayenne Turbo is way too expensive and it's fuel consumption and automatic tranny more than unsatisfying.
    The Boxster is underpowered, the SLK 32 AMG of my wife offers much more power and fun than the Boxster S for the same money. Yes, on the track the Boxster S outruns the SLK 32 AMG but hey, how many people drive these cars on the track?!

    Porsche has to review it's model line, they have to provide a substantial power increase and finally they have to improve quality, especially dealer quality. And they have to offer more attractive options as standard equipment, the whole Exclusive stuff is just a huge money making machine and sometimes customers wonder why they have to pay money for every little thing they want on their Porsche.
    As much as I'm a Porsche maniac right now, I'm looking forward to the new Lamborghinie Gallardo and other products which are around the corner. And regarding SUVs: if VW offers a Touareg with the W12 engine and 420 HP for 15000 EUR less than the Cayenne Turbo, I go for it.

    I think Porsche has profited a lot from great market economies but right now, things are slowing down. They should concentrate on what they know best, not introduce new products all the time. And if the 911 lifespan becomes a very limited one, people will opt for other sportscars which are build 5 years and more. I can't afford buying a sportscar every 2 years to keep up with a new design or a engine upgrade. Right now Porsche becomes more and more a mass producer and I think I'll have to re-consider my buying options for the future. If I want mass production, I buy a Mercedes.

    I agree!

    I am sick of paying for every little option on Porsches
    This is ridiculous.
    When I compare My 996 and our more recent SL, the SL has SO much more from stock! It's non sense,
    And Porsche clients are not stupid, I hope this changes.
    I am not saying the 996 is cheap but it is certainly not as beautiful as the Merc, nor as "warm" as the Maserati.
    And honestly, not that well put together either (I have a squiking noise in the passenger door plus some plastic bits falling appart on that same door)
    Lots of cheap plastic as well, even when you take the full leather interior.
    To remedy to that problem you can of course order another option! the small leather pack, but if that's not enough, you can go for the large leather pack!!! Ridiculous.
    Oh, and of course, it costs Euro 2000
    This should be stock.
    I know the 360 has showing screws and stuff like that, but there is much more leather and it still is a hardcore sports car.
    The new Boxster offered so little change, I think it was a good move from PCNA to offer discount.
    Altough I don't like the looks, I don't think PAG has realized that a new contender is going to take the roadster crown, the BMW Z4. The Z3 actually had before as well.
    Performs almost as well as the Boxster, a bit cheaper.
    I think it's gonna be a huge success. They are already wainting lists in the UK and it's not even in the showrooms yet.
    M Motorsport says there is nothig coming for the Z4, but I bet you there will, and an M3 engine in a Z4? Still don't like the looks but sign me up please!
    The new SLK will be a coupe/cab without the dynamic flaws of the first versions (sorry RC) and AMG will probably push their version close to 400 bhp.
    So the Boxster's in trouble.
    The 911 is a legend. Porsche completely dominates that segment for now.
    But with the BMW 6 serie and the AM V8 plus the Maserati which is taking off in the States, the years ahead are going to be tougher.
    I am sure Porsche will never be in trouble the way they were in trouble in the early 90s, they are a highly profitable company now.
    I'm just not happy at all about their option policy, that's all.
    My next car will not be a Porsche.
    Honestly, say the basic price for a 996 is 80000 Euro , how many of you have paid your 996 80000 Euro ?
    I know the answer: NONE.
    How many of you have paid your 996 more than 90000 Euro ?
    I bet you more then 80%
    I have more than 20000 Euro worth of option on my car!
    And you know what? It doesn't affect the resale value, I lose all the way.

    Re: i'd wish...

    ...that wendelin wiedeking would visit from time to time ... otherwise it might be too late if he realises what's going on among their most loyal customers. porsche should not underestimate this -- IMO a lot of opinion leaders are hanging out here.

    Re: i'd wish...

    You know Zzoba,
    to be honest, if you and I and a couple of other sport cars lovers don't go for a Porsche as our next car, I don't think it's gonna make a big difference.
    Sad but true.
    Most 996 costumers today buy the car for its image, they don't even know how many horsepower their car have.
    and that's not mentionning futur Cayenne owners (in general of course)
    I don't think that fans like us, members of internet boards like rennteam represent more than a few percent of the total number of costumers (maybe 2 or 3)

    Re: i'd wish...

    sure, no doubt about this... but we are opinion leaders. it may not have an immediate effect, but it'll have long term.

    enthusiasts are the reason WHY porsche got the great brand value wiedeking is squeezing out at the moment -- the carrera convertible tiptronic driver is happy in his car because of the legend, because of former lemans victories, because of the carrera RS, because of friends telling him that it's a real sports car and not a refined GT like the SL or the jag XK. why do they tell? because they've heard it from friends who heard it from other friends, who've read it in magazines etc.

    the current issue of "sport auto", IMO germanys most important magazine about sports cars, features the results of the 2002 reader's poll: in the class of the 996 carrera the winner is not the porsche, it's the M3 CSL. 40% voted for the BMW, around 15% for the porsche.

    Re: i'd wish...

    Yes you're right!
    Let's hope it will change.
    It's not all bad, they are cars like the GT3, the GT2 and the Carrera GT, even the 996, actually the whole range!!!
    are fantastic sports cars!
    But you have a point, Porsche gained its reputation on legendary sports cars and legendary competitions, not SUVs
    The M3 CSL is going to be an interesting match for the new GT3, it will offer slightly lower performance but will be 30% cheaper.
    The readers of Sport Auto have chosen (unless that article was published before the GT3 announcement)

    Re: i'd wish...

    IMO the M3 CSL is far from perfect and still too heavy but i appreciate it that BMW puts "reducing weight" back into the focus again. for me it was all too much about POWER POWER POWER in 2002: 500 PS! 1000 Nm! weight? who cares...

    ...and a carbon hood would add to the fascination of the GT3 as well

    but don't get me wrong: i love porsches. but i don't like that i now have to say "i love porsche sports cars"

    have a nice weekend fanch

    Re: New President/CEO at Porsche of NA -- Fred Schwab leaves

    In reply to:
    I'm not sure it was a good idea to name somebody from outside the US CEO of PCNA

    Couldn't agree more. U.S. and Europe business mentality and training is very different. I'm not saying one is better than the other at all, but just two different style of Management all together.

    Look what happened to Mercedes and Chrysler, going down down day by day. I beleive that Porsche should have put someone in charge that has had hands on management in the U.S..

    But again I am no analyst and that's just my personal opinion.

    Re: New President/CEO at Porsche of NA -- Fred Schwab leaves

    Its an interesting situation. Fred was not a real sports car nut. He is an accountant by training. When the PCNA headquarters was in Reno, before the move to Atlanta, he was the chief financial officer. I met him several times, as PCNA chartered one of our aircraft in those days. He was pleasant (and they always paid their bills) but I was somewhat surprised when they made him CEO.

    The incoming CEO has an extensive marketing backround at BMW in both cars and motorcycles. Hopefully he will understand some of valid points about performance and value pricing raised in this thread.

    Re: Diversify Tequipment or Exclusive Department

    These two departments should coordinate better with Weissach to offer more performance related options to Porsche customers. I would pay $$$ for factory developed performance enhance products (i.e. better suspension componenets for 996 Turbo) than parts that just make the car look good.

    Re: i'd wish...

    Not only is BMW rightly placing weight reduction as one of the most important overall performance enhancements(with the CSL), look at Lamborghini: they are also going for an aluminum chassis for the Gallardo, this allows them to make a 4wd almost 2metres wide car with many refinements weigh in at around 1400 kgs! Probably around the same weight of the new GT3!!!
    Porsche really has to think about this!

    Exit interview at Autoweek

    Fred says the Boxster rebate flap had nothing to do with his leaving and Porsche will be back to racing.



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