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    porsche's future plans according to car magazine

    i bought a copy of UK's "car" magazine yesterday [november edition]. i want to share some of their infos concerning the future plans of our beloved brand. some things we know already, some are new -- at least to me.

    - CAYENNE: porsche has decided not to buy any engines from VW. instead of purchasing the VW V6 that powers various golfs and passats, the team from zuffenhausen is now expected to derive its own 3.4l V6 from its all-new 4.5l V8. for marketing reasons, porsche has also axed plans to install audi's proposed 4.0l V8 TDi under the cayenne's bonnet.

    - 997 CARRERA S: will hit the street in 2005 and engine features 375bhp and a direct petrol injection system ["ordinary" 997: 340bph, no direct injection]

    - NEXT 911: the all-new 998 due in 2007/2008 is really two cars: a rear-engined, flat-six 2+2 as well as a V8 or V10 powered mid-engined two-seater. now that's nice.

    cheers; zz

    Re: ...some INTERESTING rumours...

    this is also from car magazine, nov. edition... HIGHLY interesting, but i have my doubts...

    porsche could take over operational control of bentley from VW, according to a strong rumour that's doing the rounds of the german car industry. sources say that ferdinand piech, until recently boss of the VW group, wants to see porsche and bentley brought under the same organisation roof. piech heads up the VW supervisory board and is also a leading member of the porsche family.

    it was also rumoured that next year's relaunch of the bugatti brand could be best achieved by sharing space at porsche dealers.

    porsche CEO wiedeking is reputedly strongly against the plan, pointing out that the development funds available for porsche's own models could be halved or worse. but piech's enthusiasm for brand-name acquisitions is well known and it is possible that porsche's future growth will be limited both by the brand name and by the need to retain a measure of exclusivity. ferrari's takeover of maserati may have provided inspiration.

    Re: ...some INTERESTING rumours...

    Thanks zzboba, interesting articles.
    As far as Porsche and Bentley working together could be a good thing since Bentley is already participating in several racing events. Could be a good thing like when FIAT took over Ferrari and Audi over Lambo.
    Besides the financial conflicts and opinions between Wiedeking and Piech, it could be very interesting for car enthusiasts.

    Re: ...some INTERESTING rumours...

    anybody know when the 997 will be available in the U.S.?

    2004/2005, (NT)

    Re: ...some INTERESTING rumours...

    In reply to:
    anybody know when the 997 will be available in the U.S.?

    It is unlikely it will be available before MY 2005.



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