95jersey said:
As much as I like this car, and love it's performance to price ratio, I would be skeptical of buying this car for several reasons:

1) Resale value
2) Durability
3) Difficulty in registration (at least in US)
4) Dealer support (at least in US)
5) Warranty
6) Safety

I think everyone knows I am a "little" biased toward the Z06, but I try very hard to have an open mind. First this car (in US) is $96k vs. the $68k MSRP for a Z06. That is a significant price difference. That is $28k in my pocket to improve the Z06, which by track results isn't necessary.

First (in the US) this car has to be imported without the driveline, but is added later by a SEPERATE distributor?!?! One then has to go through a lengthy process to get a VIN number for the car. The reason for all of this? Primarily because the Noble doesn't go through the proper crash testing.

I think everyone is smart in being skeptical about kit cars. They don't need to pass any goverment crash testing or EPA regulations. Does this car even have airbags? What kind of mileage does it get? Was it designed with impact crumple zones, and does it have basic saftey feature you would expect on a Honda Civic? At least in buying a Z06 you are buying a real car with a large dealer network. Theoretically I can go to any Chevy dealer and get service/support/parts.

I am not trashing the car, just playing devil's advocate. I would love to have one with a roll cage, but I would only be willing to pay $45k. If I had $96k and were looking to buy a street/track car, and weren't considering a Z06, I would rather throw in a few thousand and go GT3, be SAFE, reliable, and done with it.

All valid points, as you have some really stupid rules over there. However, when looking at resale value, the Noble should hold it quite well, as they've really made a name for themselves in recent years. I'd be willing to wager that it has more of a name worldwide than a Corvette, when it comes to the supercar buyers. Nonetheless, money-wise, the Z06 is a better bargain.