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    6-spd for Boxster same as Cayman's ?

    I'm trying to determine how to spec. a base model Boxster and having driven the Cayman, fell in love with its 6-spd. I noticed that the Boxster has an available sport package which includes a 6-spd and PASM. Can anyone confirm the transmissions are identical? For ~$2700 this seems like a nice package to have. That said, I've watched the 5th Gear episode where Tiff drives the Cayman and tells the viewers not to waste their money on the electronic add-ons. He's a guy who's opinion I respect. I wish I could spend $1000 on the transmission and call it a day. Any advice is appreciated!

    Re: 6-spd for Boxster same as Cayman's ?

    The transmission is NOT identical. 1st, 2nd and reverse are different in the Caymans than what you would find in the Boxster S or Boxster with the PASM option.

    Re: 6-spd for Boxster same as Cayman's ?

    Stephen, what is different besides the gear ratios?

    Re: 6-spd for Boxster same as Cayman's ?

    The base Boxster basically gets the 6 speed box from the 987S. The Cayman box has lower ratios in 1st and 2nd, supposedly more in tune with engine characteristics of the 3.4litre, but more likely to enable a 0.2sec difference in acceleration figures over the 987S

    Re: 6-spd for Boxster same as Cayman's ?

    Ok thanks, I was more worried on the "feeling" side :-)

    Re: 6-spd for Boxster same as Cayman's ?

    The Boxster still has good pull with the 6-speed transmission. The first time I drove the car I assumed it was an S because of the transmission. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the car only had the 240HP engine.

    Re: 6-spd for Boxster same as Cayman's ?

    You might want to wait to spec your Boxster.

    RC mentioned that the standard 987 will be getting 250hp engines this summer. That, sport chrono and the 5spd will be very entertaining.

    Avoid the PASM, you dont really gain anything with it.If you plan to keep the car past warranty, failure of just one of the PASM shocks will give a parts price heart acttack. If you end up wanting a performance suspension, its way cheaper to alter the standard suspension.

    Re: 6-spd for Boxster same as Cayman's ?

    The Cayman comes standard with the short throw shifter. It is an option on the 987 S. It felt so good when I drove the Cayman that I'm having it installed on my S.

    Re: 6-spd for Boxster same as Cayman's ?

    Where are you located?

    US spec Caymans don't come standard with the sport shifter. Maybe it's different in other markets?




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