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    Another potential 997S owner

    Dear All

    This is my first post on Rennteam, although I've been reading the forum for over a year. I owned a 993 Carrera 4 for about 8 months last year, which was completely reliable, but the crashy ride (with 18'' wheels and factory body lowering) meant that my wife refused to travel in it. I've tried to convince her that the 997 has a more supple ride (which it does).

    I am considering placing an order for a 2007 MY 997S with the following spec: Meteor Grey, Sport Design wheels, Cocoa, X51, no other options.

    Given the vast body of knowledge, experience and opinion on this forum, I have a few questions:

    1. Meteor Grey as I understand it replaces Seal Grey and is virtually the same. Does it go with Cocoa? I've totally lost perspective and can't work out what goes with what any more..

    2. As I am not interested in the comfort-oriented options on offer, I have gone for the X51. The dealer told me that the difference in performance between a standard S and the X51 was so marginal that it was barely noticeable. This was not my understanding. I know a lot has been written about X51 on this forum, so all I ask here is a binary question: Does the car feel faster in normal driving situations (i.e. not flat out on a track) with X51 or not/not really?

    3. In line with precedent, I assume that Porsche will update the 997 in a more meaningful way next year (i.e. 3 years into its model life, just as the 996 was revised substantively in late 2001 for the 2002 MY). Has Porsche, or its dealers, revealed any information about this? I assume not, but thought I'd check.

    I apologise for asking forum users to regurgitate answers to questions which may have been asked before, but I'm hoping that at least some of you won't mind!

    Many thanks

    Re: Another potential 997S owner

    There are no changes for 2007 spec other than including the Porsche tracker in the increased base price and revised pricing on some paint options. I've heard nothing in relation to 2008 but surely Porsche will have to address ipod/blue tooth compatibility soon, although I somehow think you're interested in more significant modifications than that.

    Re: Another potential 997S owner

    Welcome aboard!! I too had a 993, but it was a Carrera 2, '96 model. I had the optional 18" wheels, but with no lowering, and the car rode dreamy. On Michelin Pilots. I'd blame your lowering for the bad ride.

    I can't tell you about the X51, I've never driven one.

    Meteor Grey is super with Cocoa.

    In my experience, the dealers are the last to know when it comes to upcoming updates and redesigns. Porsche holds this info VERY close to the vest. There are a couple on here who always seem to have good "inside" connections, so you might get a decent answer there.

    When I ordered my S, X51 was still not available. I'm a power junkie, so the best I can do is just enjoy the more aggressive throttle map with my Sport button pressed. Could I use more power? Oh yeah. Does my car disappoint? No, I still enjoy the heck out of it. Does X51 give you enough extra gumption for the strong coin they demand? I dunno. But it's hard to leave any horsepower on the table when it's available to you. If I were ordering today, I'd likely be checking that box. I won't retrofit though, that's simply silly expensive, not justifiable, and I'd likely set myself up for niggling reliability issues leaving that job to my local guys to do. The mechanic I really trusted left...

    Re: Another potential 997S owner

    Meteor Grey definitely looks good with Cocoa.

    X51 won't affect comfort from a ride view point.

    X51 will give you more kick if you floor it though and most 'non car enthusiastic' passengers find this uncomfortable.

    MY07 is seeing TPMS as standard and a 2% Pounds increase I think.

    Re: Another potential 997S owner

    You shouldn't even bother to special order. what you're describing should be available at any Porsche dealer off the lot (if they do that in the UK). I wouldn't bother with the X51. You'll pay a fortune for it and not see a real difference from the S. Meteor won't be out for awhile. New for 07.


    Re: Another potential 997S owner

    This link might help:

    I would add sports seats and sport chrono

    Re: Another potential 997S owner

    I have not driven the X51 but if I was in the market I would get it. When it comes time to trade or sell the car you will not get what the X51 cost but that is the same for every other option on the car. You should buy the car to enjoy and be happy. Based on how you spec your car you look like you want straight performance and seems to me the X51 will help with that.

    Re: Another potential 997S owner

    i would add sport chrono.

    Re: Another potential 997S owner

    Thanks to all for the replies - much appreciated.

    It was, in fact, the Autocar review that prompted me to think about X51. It does seem to make a real difference.

    I test drove a 997S last Saturday at my local OPC (Chiswick) and found the throttle response with the sport mode engaged to be a bit disconcerting and the ride was way too firm for rubbish London roads. This is withot doubt the best car I've ever driven - awesomely engineered.

    I've just spent 2 hrs trawling this forum and I'm concerned about this turning into an obsession....

    I'll report back if/when I place my order. I was told that I'm looking at a Sept/Oct delivery but that was before I specified X51.

    Many thanks again.

    Re: Another potential 997S owner

    The suspension can be set to "normal" with the sport mode on, allowing you to retain only the throttle. It's not disconcerting once you're used to it. I started using it all the time, as I found that the normal throttle map became soggy with time, like I was constantly having to kick the horse a little harder than I felt should be necessary. With X51 however, maybe that's moot.

    Re: Another potential 997S owner

    This was in another thread, from AMS. The increase from the X51 looks significant:

    997 Carrera
    0-100km/h: 4.9s
    60-100: 5.2s/6.6s(4/5)
    80-120: 6.5s/9.2s(5/6)

    997 Carrera S
    0-100km/h: 4.7s
    60-100: 5.2s/6.5s(4/5)
    80-120: 6.3s/8.9s(5/6)

    997 Carrera S X51
    0-100km/h: 4.4s
    0-160km/h: 9.8s
    60-100: 4.9s/6.1s(4/5)
    80-120: 6.0s/8.1s(5/6)

    997 GT3
    0-100km/h: 4.3s
    0-160km/h: 9.1s
    60-100: 5.1s/6.8s(4/5)
    80-120: 6.7s/8.5s(5/6)



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