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    saw an '07 X5 in camo!!

    Driving in my home city here in SoCal yesterday and saw what looked like a "cheap" aftermarket SUV in front of me. I tailed it for a few moments then was stopped right next to it at a traffic signal. WISH I HAD my camera with me!!!!!!!!!!

    Ok, I'll describe as best I can. It was black as they all are (prototypes) and the best way I can describe it is that it looks like an '06 X3, just bigger... with broader shoulders. It had these BMW alloys with the center cap removed, I confirmed later by checking online for "spy photos" that it IS a BMW wheel. The lights all had some kind of plastic covering them, there were rough looking air intakes in the side of the body, it had the signature BMW little antenna on the rear of the roof above where the 3rd eye would be. The body had what looked like quick disconnect fasteners holding body panels on.
    By the time I caught up with it I thought it may have been something else but with a lot of modifications by someone with no taste.
    Then the giveaway was the interior. It had what appeared to be no dashboard, but a sh*t load of wires, meters, even a small monitor protruding from the dash area. The guy driving it wouldn't look at me in my Cayenne, was wearing black baseball hat and dark shades. When it took off from the signal, it left with a distinctive rumble.
    So, bottom line, think X3, but bigger and wider with less SUV and more SAV.

    SO, no threat to Cayenne, looks like BMW is going more like station wagon style.

    PS, I wonder if I would have taken pic's... if they would have had commercial value to some online car site?


    Re: saw an '07 X5 in camo!!

    looked pretty much like this! But I could have had MUCH better pics

    Re: saw an '07 X5 in camo!!

    The upcoming x5 Camo shots (circulating the net for over a year) have so far looked pretty disappointing. But, as usual, I shall reserve full judgement until I see it in the flesh.

    Initial impressions however make it look like another Bangalized horrorshow. Having previously owned 2 Bmw's (x5 and e46 3e) I feel that BMW have taken a terrible turn for the worst in the last few years: The X3, Z4 and prestigious 5e are verging on disgraceful.

    I hope Porsche doesn't follow suit with this 'mass market' Japanese-esqe dross.

    Re: saw an '07 X5 in camo!!

    charlieXS said:
    looked pretty much like this! But I could have had MUCH better pics

    Looks a lot like the X3?

    Re: saw an '07 X5 in camo!!

    If you are in Munich, go to the back side of the FIZ (BMW Projekthaus), there is the temporary BMW Museum. Behind a fence, you can see every day dozends of X5 as well as some other new cars 3 Coupe & Convertible or Z4 Coupe.

    Ive seen lots of those new X5s. Boys, this car looks great and is a bit larger than the actual. The new V8 will kick the Cayenne S back as strong as a train. The sound of the V8 is like the one of the actual 4.6is - means like an old big block.


    Re: saw an '07 X5 in camo!!

    Lars, no pictures for us then?

    The pics I have seen look like an X3 remix. By the way, do you like the shape and design of the x3, z4, 5e, 7e? Most fans of those shapes seem to like the new generation of models....



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