Went to the cinema this week end, saw Michel Vaillant, Luc Besson's last production (Leon, Fifht element, etc.)
It's an adaptation from a french comic whose hero is a race driver.
The movie is about this rallye driver who wins Le Mans in the end (Sorry I gave it away, but we all knew that )
Story is quite mediocre, but the chicks are hot and of course the driving scenes are absolutely phenomenal!
Including a lap around Le Mans onboard a Pagani Zonda, on the big screen, it's simply superb.
The way it's filmed is really fantastic, I especially liked the two Le Mans prototypes cars going to the race track through the open roads and all the rallye scenes which are cool.
I should hope it will be shown elsewhere than France because for any car enthousiast, this is great, way better IMO than Driven, gone in 60 seconds, etc etc etc... (The driving scenes that is)
Meanwhile, you can check the webpage.