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    Dreaded RM...dare I say it S

    I have a 57 (late 2007) C4S that has only covered 1800miles. I have noticed a small oil patch on the garage floor which I'm sure wasn't there berfore, is it possible for a 997 which is almost new to have an RMS leak. Is there anyway of telling without jacking the car up?


    Re: Dreaded RM...dare I say it S

    I would take it to your nearest dealership asap - why take a chance?

    Re: Dreaded RM...dare I say it S

    Get a nice big sheet of news paper. Put it under parked car after driving it. Several hours later you will have a 1 or 2 inch (24-48mm) oil spot. RMS holds about a drop or three of oil which is releases after engine is turned off. I dunno what it releases when engine is running.

    I'd say for me 10 percent of the time there's no spot. I guess the drop(s) must have hit the driveway as I drove in and just before I turned the engine off.

    Do this for a few weeks if you want, no need to get it fixed right away. You can tell by the constant frequency and amount of oil if it's an RMS.

    Re: Dreaded RM...dare I say it S

    Thanks MMD, I'll keep an eye out, I guess your right there's probably no rush I've moved my appointment with my local OPC back for a couple of weeks so I can see how bad it really is.

    Hey Easy Rider! nice colour combo - same as mine.

    Re: Dreaded RM...dare I say it S

    Glad to help. BTW, if you do get underneath car here's where to look for oil droplet (exactly at tip of white arrow).

    Re: Dreaded RM...dare I say it S

    same thing happens with my GT3 every onces in a while. I had it "dried" by porsche which made them take the whole engine out and i have a feeling it still does it sometimes...
    engine was taken out after around 5000km

    Re: Dreaded RM...dare I say it S

    I had the RMS leak on my old BoxterS but as it was an older model it was no big deal but I'd hate to have it after only 1.8K miles.

    Whats the worst case scenario, I mean how bad does it really need to be before attention is essential?
    I could take it in to the OPC while it's under warranty but part of me thinks why bother there's no guarantee it won't happen after a week..month...year....

    Re: Dreaded RM...dare I say it S

    Get it fixed. The repairs, given the new techniques and individual attention, are usually "permanently" reliable. IOW, you'll be "done" with RMS concerns.

    AFAIK, Extreme cases: Porsche will attempt three repairs, if that doesn't do it you get a new engine.



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