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    How do non-bumperetted cars fare in accidents?

    So I'm totally jealous of all you non-US Boxster owners that don't have those ugly bumperettes that we're stuck with over here. The back-end just looks so much better without them.

    However, having already been hit from behind once in my 987 and seeing how the bumperettes collapsed and dissipated a lot of the energy from the accident, it leaves me wondering how much damage would have occurred had I not had them.

    I had no frame damage, all I needed were new bumperettes and a new bumper cover--less than $1000 worth of damage.

    How does it work out in the UK and such? Naturally, when hit from behind it's almost always the other-person's fault and they're covering all the damage, but in my experience a car that's been severely hit is never "as good as new" once it's repaired.

    Basic question: How much damage is sustained in a minor "fender-bender" when you don't have bumperettes?

    Help me feel better about being saddled with bumperettes. Tell me that UK cars are just ruined when tapped from behind.

    Re: How do non-bumperetted cars fare in accidents?

    define 'tap' - how fast an impact?
    I've had someone reverse into the corner of my rear bumper in a car park. Cracked the plastic, but isn't hanging off or anything - you can't tell from a distance. Not sure how hard they hit it though. I guess even with bumperetts, you're in danger if someone hits the car on the corner. I guess they're just enough to meet US testing regulations.

    Re: How do non-bumperetted cars fare in accidents?

    I don't see any impact which would ruin a car 'without' and leave a car 'with intact...
    Plus how do they work if say a SUV, which has a higher bumper rear-ends a p-car???
    I just had somebody rear-ending my 997..and bumperette or not, they had to fix the whole bumper. $2000.
    So they look ugly :-)

    Re: How do non-bumperetted cars fare in accidents?

    Oh believe me I'm not trying to defend them, but they are a line of defense against minor accidents, a line of defense that doesn't exist on your non-US cars.

    I guess it's near-impossible to get actual stats on this, so I'm just going to have to keep hating them I guess.

    Re: How do non-bumperetted cars fare in accidents?

    I was under the impression they served a two fold purpose...meeting 5 mph crash tests and using up the extra space provided for the longer EU-style license plates.

    They never bothered me, but if someone is a bad parrallel parker, I'd rather they get tapped then the whole bumper.

    Re: How do non-bumperetted cars fare in accidents?

    I live in Denmark and I have a 986 built for the US market - altho it never left EU soil - and it has bumperettes. I am happy it does. It has twice saved me from extensive repair after mild collisions and Parking-bumps.
    The mere fact that changing bumperettes or plastic/rubber cover takes a fraction of the time it does painting the whole bumper and dismounting + mounting it makes is a good little gizmo.
    Does it look nice? Not IMO.



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