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    Seat memory buttons - fix soon available?

    Due to our negative report about the position of the seat memory buttons in the driver door next to the driver's knee and apparently more negative reports from other sources, there is a rumor that Porsche wants to move the buttons to a different location or install a lock button somewhere else. Another possibility would be to make the buttons non-functional while the car is moving.

    I really don't know who messed up things with these buttons but this is good news because I really started sweating when my seat suddenly started to move backwards(and away from the brake/throttle pedals and steering wheel!) in a curve at 160 kph (100 mph).

    Re: Seat memory buttons - fix soon available?

    Does it complete the whole process of adjustment or just as long as you press the button?

    There was one car manufacturer, I believe it to be a Bavarian one, who placed them at the exact same position and once you pressed the button the seat adjusted to the new position - I am not sure if this happened during driving though.

    Re: Seat memory buttons - fix soon available?

    Easiest solution is to program it to " move " the seat when car in motion only if memory button is held down more than 5- 10 seconds . Hard to imagine taking a hard corner ( and using door as knee brace ) longer than that !

    Re: Seat memory buttons - fix soon available?

    I sometimes like to move my seat slightly while in motion, and even if they put a lock button or lock 'em while in motion, I imagine its still annoying to keep pressing the buttons with your knee while looking for support coming into a fast corner. Best solution it to move them elsewere.

    Re: Seat memory buttons - fix soon available?

    You are the man! This is another example of the great service RC provides to this community. Thanks!

    I agree w/ Carlos, one should be able to fine tune seating position while driving - so if the new position is bad, PAG should move them... maybe to where they used to be? if ain't broken don't fix it!


    But wait... these are memory buttons... one should still be able to move the seat by using the side controls... so the memories could indeed be only allowed when parked.

    Re: Seat memory buttons - fix soon available?

    Ferdie said:
    Does it complete the whole process of adjustment or just as long as you press the button?

    Thanks god only while you press the button.
    Otherwise I would be in serious trouble now, very likely I wouldn't be able to write this.

    The real problem was that it took me completely by surprise when the seat started to move. It really depends on the seating position: I'm using that typical frog position and most drivers prefer a more comfortable position which might not cause the left knee to press against the buttons.
    And of course you need to go very fast to start pressing the knee to the door as some kind of support in a sharp curve. When I showed this "problem" to my Porsche dealer, he was pretty surprised. And apparently SPORT AUTO found out the same thing, they make a short and pretty negative comment on this issue.



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