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    Driving in bad weather

    A neighbor is considering a Boxster S (on days when the sun shines), and a Cayman S when it doesn't. Knowing I have a 997 he wanted to know which was the better car to be driving in poor weather conditions: Boxster S, Cayman S or 997/S.

    Since I've never driven a Boxster or Cayman in bad weather I have no clue which would be better.

    Anyone have experience of both/all 3 in bad weather and can offer a pov?


    Re: Driving in bad weather

    The only problem I see in bad weather is that both the boxster and the cayman have less traction than a Carrera and without a LSD, you loose some of the fun at times.
    In the boxster, with the soft top you feel 'connected' with the rain...
    Overall, keep in mind these cars are meant to be driven everyday...
    You can always put a hardtop on the boxster..I never did, I just paid attention to roads which were salted for the ice...that's all...

    Re: Driving in bad weather

    You have the option of a rear wiper in the Cayman, which I sometimes miss in the rain with my Boxster.
    Also the top-up rearwards and sideways visibility is better in the cayman.
    Maybe more wind-noise in the Boxster, hood up, but it is pretty rain-proof and well insulated.

    Re: Driving in bad weather

    What do you mean by bad weather ?

    i use my 987S all year, and drove it in 4 inch deep snow on a few occassions last winter on its Pilot Sport tyres - i did have the benefit of fresh snow, rather than that already broken and compacted by other traffic in my favour. ITs pretty hairy at times - 20mph with the psm light flashing away and not exactly pointing forwards on a perfectly straight bit of road (crabbing along). The cayman would be no better, the 997 maybe a little with the extra rear bias, but wider tyres would probably nullify the advantage.

    In heavy rain and sleet there is nothing in the cars.

    I had a hard top on my previous 986, and whilst this did cut down some wind noise on the motorway i didn;t feel overall it was worth the hassle of fitting, storing etc.

    They are all round cars, the biggest weakness for any of them is the summer tyre technology.

    Re: Driving in bad weather

    I also drive my Boxster year-round with summer tyres (pilot Sport) and never got into trouble so far. Of course, as with any car, traction is poor on ice

    Re: Driving in bad weather

    Driven a 986 and a 996 C2 on snow and dry, but sometimes slippy (i.e. more treacherous ) roads.
    With PSM, snow tires (VERY important), and common sense, you'll be fine.

    By the way, even if temperatures don't drop low enough for the snow to stick (e.g. in SW France where I live at the moment), genuine winter tires are a must. By the way, I would go through summer tires in 7 months, and through my winter tires in 5, so it worked out very well.

    Re: Driving in bad weather

    Driven my 986 Boxster S in the past here in CH thru snow a lot. Took it to go ski-ing (Arosa, Laax, Davos and St Moritz). I really enjoyed driving the Boxster on snowy roads, great traction even uphill. I used 255 winter tyres on the back and have snow chains but never used them. Winter tyres always had plenty of grip. This winter the Boxster stays in the garage and I will be using the BMW because it is mor practicale, but I guess also less fun

    Re: Driving in bad weather

    Boxster w/o winter tires in the snow is absolute suicide IMO.
    With winter rubber it works fine. It's not a LandRover, but thanks to PSM and a nice balance you can still take one everyday winter weather w/o problems.

    Re: Driving in bad weather

    yup did once..was caught by early snow with 265 summers which were not really 'fresh' and that was scary. But nothing to do with the car itself. Wide summers are pathetic on the snow...Full stop.

    Re: Driving in bad weather

    Jeannot said:
    yup did once..was caught by early snow with 265 summers which were not really 'fresh' and that was scary. But nothing to do with the car itself. Wide summers are pathetic on the snow...Full stop.

    couldn't agree more, but the UK winter is a nightmare - one day it can be 12'C and dry where winter tyres are not the ideal tyre, in damp conditions there is little to choose between winter ans summer compounds. When we do get snow, the local highway agencies always seem to be caught out by the weather and chaos ensues.

    If its snowing this winter i'll just stay at home

    Re: Driving in bad weather

    yeah, I guess in your climate you need good rain tyres and call sick when you have we need to invest :-)



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