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    Cayman is dry-sump

    So cayman is dry-sump but 911 is not?

    From Porsche GB site

    This proprietary Porsche technology ensures consistent lubrication in even the most extreme high-speed corners. Oil is extracted from each of the cylinder heads by a dedicated scavenge pump. The oil return system features narrow-section lines which de-foam the oil before it is collected in the integral sump. A third pump then feeds the oil back to the lubrication points and the cycle begins once more. A stable oil pressure is maintained throughout the engine, even during racetrack use..

    The Cayman S has an electronic oil-level indicator as part of the on-board computer system. The reading is so precise that a conventional dipstick is not required.

    Re: Cayman is dry-sump

    This is the same wet sump that Porsche calls the "Integrated Dry Sump" on all of the M96/M97 motors. It is suitable for the most high-speed corners, but not those corners and true racing slick tires...

    Re: Cayman is dry-sump

    Without problems at all. With slicks...well, I wouldn't be surprised to see an oil starvation problem. BUT: I'd say that 95% of the high performance cars out there have the same "problem", which actually isn't a problem. Because driving a car on slicks on the track surely voids the warranty.

    Re: Cayman is dry-sump

    You are right about the warranty. But, it be nice to know that the car could be run on slicks at a autocross or track day event without the engine committing suicide.

    Detroit clunkers like Z06 Corvetes, and now even Mustangs
    Cobras will have a dry sump lube system. A Stinkin Ford for gawds sakes!

    Porsche sports car owners/drivers really helped build the reputation that Porsche enjoys today. Many of them are now looking elsewhere when it comes to a new dual sports purpose car.

    The GT3 isnt the total answer either, its just to expensive for most of them. Its a shame that standard model Porsches are no longer race track casual competition friendly.That was always a huge part of Porsches appeal to the non look at me crowd.



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