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    Short Journeys

    The manual says "not to do a lot of short trips" during the break-in period.....

    I love driving the car BUT.....

    I am just wondering about travelling short distances. I live 3miles to work so do a longer drive of 8miles to and from work. Also the gym is around 2 miles from work so I then would have to do another journey of 8miles and its a bit annoying doing this every day.

    Add to the fact I also wonder about moving car off drive/move car to wash or whatever - do I need to also make a large journey then....

    I dont want to damage the car and therefore every time I have to move car I drive it until oil is warmed? Do I have to let the oil warm up for every journey I do in the car?

    If I dont do the long runs to work every day (maybe twice a week and the rest the shorter journey with not letting the oil warm up) would this cause problems?

    Whats peoples recommendations.....

    Re: Short Journeys

    no worries. you will not damage anything. just take her for a longer drive of about 60-100 miles once a week.

    and make sure not to step on it until the engine oil is at operatig temp.

    Re: Short Journeys

    Agreed, It is all about warming up the oil, and varying the revs...

    I would enjoy taking the 8 mile route over the 3 !!!!

    Re: Short Journeys

    Yeah I do enjoy it - so the concensus is that its okay to do short journeys every day aslong as you dont overrev the car and that if you do make sure you take it for a decent blast once a week?

    Re: Short Journeys

    I've been on this forum for what, almost 4 years now, and I've yet to see a post titled "blowing blue smoke, engine shot... Those short trips I took during break-in, what was I thinking??????"...

    I think the advice intouch1 gave you is spot-on... You'll be o.k...

    Hell, you're so well-located, I'm surprise you don't just ride a bike or rollerblade!!

    Re: Short Journeys

    I think what porsche calls an acceptable long journey is one that takes the oil temperature to the normal operating level..100deg and engine temp to 80deg

    Re: Short Journeys

    I went on an Autobahn trip and met a guy who currently owns 32 cars. Over his life, he has owned 13 Porsche's including the GT. I asked him about the break in period and he laughed. He said that with all the cars he owns, he was never patient enough to wait for the break in period. He also has never experienced any catastrophic failures in his cars.

    Re: Short Journeys

    Automotive Industry engineers will tell you that published break-in suggestions are just hedges..... With the intention that one paragraph of ink might save point-zero-something-percent in warranty driveline issues amongst the harshest of dimwitted buyers..

    The way manufacturers build and design the engines these days pretty much takes most of the old-school fretting out of the equation, as they can't afford to count upon the average-Joe who doesn't know the working end of a screwdriver to follow their suggestions anyhow....

    That said, I'm not suggesting everyone just go haywire from mile-one... Just saying don't worry too much. They wouldn't sell you a car that would self-destruct due to your proximity to work...

    I've got many cars in my collection that are 30+ years old, some with less than 10,000 original miles, many less than 5,000, some less than 100 miles, and they all run like gems, and have likely never had those "longer trips" in their lifetime...

    Re: Short Journeys

    69boss so you are basically saying its okay to do short trips (1 to 3 miles) before and after breakin and it wont damage your car... (aslong as you do some long ones now and again)

    Re: Short Journeys

    Now you're putting me on the spot.... I think (that's the operative word) you're fine..... What you're doing isn't even 2% of the abuse a demo-car gets at the dealership, nothing but 1-5 mile drives, full-throttle... And then they sell it and it goes on to live a long and happy life.... (my friend owns a launch car...).

    Worst case scenario.... Some dude 10 years from now starts having problem with your car... Honestly, are you keeping it forever? Given your proximity to work and the gym, whatever "damage" that would theoretically be done will not surface under your ownership. And my experience is, having a ton of cars 30-40-50 and more years old that have known nothing but short trips, is that there's alot of fretting done on this board, but no tangible tales of actual woe to support it...

    Re: Short Journeys

    ok matey point taken thanks

    Re: Short Journeys

    69 is very correct in his remarks.

    However, IMO if you give your car a good, spirited run your car will feel better and run better. I don't know the exact engineering explanation for this (maybe metals settling better?)but it is a fact. Nothing to do with reliability but better operation.

    Re: Short Journeys

    So if i took my car for a 1 or 2 mile lap around the "block" i'd be ok? I've always noticed on a "short" journey that when i come back the exhaust is drenched internally with moisture which would make me wonder what is happening further up the pipes and so on. Isn't repeated drives like this which introduces moisture build up on the negative side of things?

    I've seen this discussed on just about all Porsche forums so i gotta wonder...

    In all honesty when i take my car out it always gets a good thrashing and a quick 150+ mph stint on the autobahn before heading back into the garage. It is what it's made for right?



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