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The new car was thrilling to behold from the very first moment - and now this thrilling encounter is confirmed in full by the actual driving experience: The BMW Z4 Coupé is setting out to give the friends and aficionados of two-seater sports cars a truly unique experience on the road. Right from the start, the BMW Z4 Coupé Concept Car presented at the 2005 Frankfurt Motor Show successfully aroused emotions, a feeling of desire, and great expectations.

Now these wishes are becoming reality in the production model, offering unique qualities from the very first mile. For BMW's new Coupé was conceived from the start for sports motoring of the highest standard, featuring a weight-optimised body, a chassis and suspension superior in every situation, as well as a 195 kW/265 hp straight-six power unit setting the standard worldwide in its class. In particular, however, the BMW Z4 Coupé offers supreme harmony in style, concept, and technology, the car's performance impressively confirming the expectations aroused from the start by the powerful and elegant design lines. [image][/image

The additional power and performance generated by the new six-cylinder engine is transferred into pure dynamics by the ultra-modern chassis and suspension. And whenever agility and nimble behaviour are absolutely essential, the strong but light body structure makes an important contribution. So that in the segment of two-seater sports cars, the BMW Z4 Coupé ideally lives out all the qualities arousing such great interest in cars of this kind.

Purist and authentic - the design of the BMW Z4 Coupé:

The new BMW Z4 Coupé simply looks agile and dynamic right from the start. With its classic coupé silhouette and the "Hofmeister kick" on the rear side windows so typical of the brand, this two-seater stands out from the beginning as a truly sporting BMW. The flowing roof line visibly moves the car's centre of gravity to the rear, right above the rear axle. This impression is then further accentuated by the concave curvature in the middle of the roof, all of the car's design elements interacting to provide powerful, forward-moving dynamic thrust: The new Coupé looks low, dynamic, and fast.

Concentrating on the essential within the interior:

With its clear forms and designs, the interior has a sporting and purist touch, while at the same time boasting a wide range of equipment, high quality materials, and carefully matched colours. To offer the driver individual choice, the BMW Z4 Coupé is available with no less than ten non-metallic and metallic paintwork colours, eight interior colours, two options in either plain leather or gloss leather, as well as five decorative trim versions.
Prize-winning 3.0-litre power unit:

The 3.0-litre six-cylinder featured in the BMW Z4 Coupé 3.0si has won the Engine of the Year Award several times. Maximum output is 195 kW/265 hp at 6,600 rpm, with torque peaking at 315 Nm/232 lb-ft consistently all the way from 2,500-4,000 rpm. And at the same time the engine naturally complies in full with the EU4 and ULEV II emission standards.

This innovative power unit sets the standard worldwide in terms of motoring culture, output per litre, power-to-weight, and specific fuel consumption. Acceleration from 0-100 km/h is in 5.7 seconds, with the car accelerating from 80-120 km/h or 50-75 mph in fourth gear in 5.2 seconds. Top speed is cut off electronically at 250 km/h or 155 mph. Despite this impressive performance, however, the BMW Z4 Coupé 3.0si makes do with just 8.6 litres premium plus/100 km in the EU test cycle, equal to 32.8 mpg Imp.

The car's sound qualities are far less reserved than its fuel consumption,
the sound of the engine clearly revealing the focus on superior output and performance: The BMW Z4 Coupé offers the driver and passenger an experience of true authenticity full of power, sporting character, and superior style. This also includes that slight but essential "roughness" in sound so typical of a high-performance engine.

Six gears - either with manual gearshift or automatic:

The BMW Z4 Coupé comes as standard with a six-speed manual gearbox combining short gearshift travel and precise movements of the shift lever with operating forces remaining smooth and consistent at all times. The optional sports automatic transmission, by contrast, offers a genuine sports car feeling combined with superior comfort and leisure in motoring, paddles on the steering wheel allowing the driver to shift gears by hand whenever he wishes.

Chassis and suspension for consistent dynamics, agility, and sportiness:

Driving pleasure to the utmost limit - this is the domain of the BMW Z4 Coupé 3.0si. And indeed, the chassis and suspension built and set up consistently for supreme dynamism offers everything required for this kind of superiority: Well-balanced axle load distribution, a low centre of gravity, as well as rear-wheel drive ensure harmonious driving behaviour, supreme traction and driving performance, as well as extremely high speeds in bends under all conditions. Electromechanical power steering (EPS), in turn, highlights the dynamic and agile set-up of the car.

Additional DSC functions for extra comfort and safety:

DSC Dynamic Stability Control offers a high standard of active safety enhanced to an even higher level by its sub-functions: ASC Automatic Stability Control, for example, controls slip of the drive wheels by reducing engine output wherever required, applying the brakes selectively on a drive wheel about to spin, and thus re-stabilising the car. CBC Cornering Brake Control, in turn, reduces any inclination of the car to oversteer by controlling brake pressure asymmetrically whenever the driver applies the brakes slightly in a bend.

DTC Dynamic Traction Control enables the driver to improve traction at the touch of a button on surfaces with a low frictional coefficient. DBC Dynamic Brake Control maximises brake pressure whenever required, for example in an emergency braking manoeuvre, in order to keep stopping distances to a minimum. The Set-Off Assistant, as the next highlight, briefly applies the brakes when setting off on an uphill gradient to prevent the car from rolling back. The Brake Standby function helps to build up brake pressure more quickly whenever the driver lets go of the gas pedal rapidly, by automatically pre-loading the brake pads in position for braking. Fading Compensation sets off any reduction of brake power by increasing brake pressure as a function of temperature. And last but not least, Automatic Dry Braking optimises the response of the brakes in the wet by keeping the brake discs dry for maximum efficiency.

Puncture-proof tyres with failsafe running qualities:

Runflat tyres featured as standard prevent the tyres from being compressed when empty or jumping off the rim. Even a sudden loss of pressure, therefore, does not endanger the driver, since all the car's control systems remain fully operative. This allows the driver to proceed to the next service station in the event of a puncture, without having to stop at a dangerous place. And in the event of a gradual loss of air, the driver is warned in good time, enabling him to pump up the tyre again when re-fuelling the car and thus avoiding a puncture right from the start.

The body: extremely stiff, stable and light:

A torsionally rigid bodyshell is essential in order to convey the superior performance of the BMW Z4 Coupé safely and smoothly to the road at all times. And indeed, featuring torsional stiffness of 32,000 Nm/o, the bodyshell of BMW's new Coupé is extremely stiff and stable in both torsional and flexural terms. This also pays off in passive safety, perfect interaction of the body and safety systems offering the driver and passenger excellent protection in virtually any kind of accident.

Ideal seating position for sports motoring:

The seats adjust to a wide range of different positions and offer very good body support serving not least to give the driver the right kind of direct, undiluted feedback.

The cockpit is also tailored to the driver in every respect, all controls and instruments being positioned in perfect ergonomic arrangement on or around the steering wheel.

Space for two - as well as more than just the usual hand baggage:

Offering luggage capacity of up to 340 litres or 11.9 cubic feet, the BMW Z4 Coupé has a luggage compartment quite exceptional for a two-seater sports car and is able to carry two golf bags, to mention just one example. The integrated roll-up cover alone extends over a volume of 285 litres or 8.6 cu ft. The tailgate is opened via the lock housed conveniently and out of sight in the BMW logo.

Bi-xenon headlights for optimum visibility:

The BMW Z4 Coupé comes as an option with static bi-xenon headlights providing both a high and low beam perfect in quality and intensity. Light rings integrated in the headlights, in turn, form the position lights so typical of BMW. The two-stage Brake Force Display, finally, makes a significant contribution to traffic safety by substantially reducing the risk of collisions from behind.

Optional: top-end HiFi and navigation systems:

The BMW Z4 Coupé comes as an option with two HiFi systems combining brilliant sound of the highest quality with supreme output. The Business sound system features a ten-channel audio amplifier with a total of ten loudspeakers. The Professional HiFi system, in turn, improves the quality of sound once again by a significant degree through the use of special Carver technology.

The Business navigation system uses a DVD comprising geographic data for the whole of Europe and also serves to control the on-board computer, radio and telephone. The Professional navigation system goes even further, also comprising a variably adjustable colour display offering excellent clarity and readability under all light conditions. Both navigation systems may be combined with a telephone firmly installed in the car as yet another optional extra.