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    Swiss non-resident plates

    Anyone at RennTeam able to give me information on registering a 996 Turbo on Swiss non-resident plates?

    What is the procedure, costs, any insurance issues? How quickly can it be done?

    Need to have the car registered for only the next 20 days. Then it will sit for a while.

    Any other preferable methods of registering the car? If EU then must be some sort of transit plate without residence (car will not be VAT free until March 2004). Also must be able to get full insurance with these plates (which in Belgium I cannot).



    Re: Swiss non-resident plates

    Hello Stephen, i don't know to much about the registration here. here you can find some information :

    or here (this is for the region i live , *only in french).:
    Vaud's Switzerland, canton auto service
    * there 's a PDF document to fil. (price about 200SFR)

    You need a insurance paper it may cost depending wich kind of insurance you want (between~2-4000 SFR per year)
    Also the "grey"card of the car.(document wich belong to the vehicule)
    Hope it helps, any other question don't hesitate . !.

    Re: Swiss non-resident plates

    Hey Stephen,

    I guess it's now too late, huh?... If not, let me know and I'll ask my insurance guru. He should have an answer pretty quickly.


    Actually Pierre, I received word yesterday evening from the local insurance guru (no clue if he really knows what he is doing) that it will be impossible to get full cover on a Turbo with non-resident plates. Supposedly, the underwriters will only offer civil liability.

    Bad news. Leaves me with a big problem as to how I can keep my car registered and insured. My trip to Istanbul has already gone bye-bye. I'm not happy and quite tired of dealing with this issue.

    So yes, any help that your insurance agent can provide would be much appreciated !!!



    Thank you Andreas

    Thanx Andreas ...

    As of right now, it looks like the stumbling block is insurance. I think I will need to find another solution elsewhere.


    Re: Insurance

    Ciao Pierre and Stephen!

    It amazes me a little bit that the insurance don't want to give you a full cover with non resident plates..(why??)

    Maybe if you try instead of a full cover a half cover (partial?).
    Other wise i know that you can use a UE insurance for this kind of plates..

    If you won't use your car in this period, you can leave your car for exemple in a security garage with out the plates .. just un idea.

    Hope you'll find a solution.

    Re: Insurance

    As explained to me, the insurance issue related to their not knowing where the car will be stored and driven. Really, I think it is just out of the ordinary and underwriters like normality.

    I had the same problem with Transit plates in Belgium. But there it appears that the goverment has let the insurers know that they would rather they not cover these cars ... probably to make it difficult for those trying to avoid paying VAT.

    Probably, the car will end up parked unregistered for a while. It is going to take me time to sort all of this out and soon I will be travelling again.




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