Wow, wow, wow !!! I loved it !!! Porsche did his homework !!! The 996 is well in the past and it will be remembered as the quircky 911 with oval lights and even Boxster lights. The 997 surpasses the 996 in every aspect.

I personally loved it, everything is 911 and despite critics that is not all that it could really be, I was very happy with the result. Driving wise is a great improvement, the interior is superb. Finally comfortable, sporty seats. The door is fantastic and the window levers made feel in a 911 once again.

The shifter is good until 4th gear, 5th is quite far in relation to the first 4. Brakes had a mushy feeling on the first part of pedal travel bur seriously I think this is not a model related issue as a car specific issue, most likely this car's problem.

Welcome 997.