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    Hydrogen sports car

    Whould it not be great if some car maker, like Porsche, build a car, whit hydrogen as its fuel?
    I have always loved sportscars, but I have also always felt bad about the enviorment. And, soon there will be no more oil on this planet. And before that, the petrol will be so very expensive, that almost nobody want to buy it.

    You can get hudrigen out of water, and when you burn it in air the exaust will mostly be water!
    Hydrogen is great, you can put it under presure ant it will become liquid, so yoy don't need so big fuel reseptions in a car. As an exampele for a pro.

    There is inly ONE con. Hydrogen is highly explosive. So, image a 911 in a front crock.

    If we can build a fuel reseption that is safe, hydrogen will be a dream!


    (By the way, excuse me for my english, i am only 14 years old)

    Re: Hydrogen sports car

    Hi Mange,

    There are some things you will find out as you have more school time.

    While one byproduct of hydrogen combustion is water, there is also the possibility of forming oxides of nitrogen when air is combined with hydrogen to burn it. Any high temperature regions in the combustion process can cause the the nitrogen from the air to unite with some oxygen to form NOx.

    So it is not possible to automatically cure one of the usual components of auto emissions just by converting to hydrogen fuel. One might have to carry some pure oxygen to use in the combustion process and store enough on-board the vehicle to match the combustion requirements of a tank full of hydrogen.

    Your assumption that the world will soon run out of oil is not well founded. There are now more proven reserves of crude oil on Earth than ever before in history. New research techniques have continued to find previously unknown oil deposits at an increasing rate.

    Besides, how do you propose to generate sufficient amounts of hydrogen to power the world's vehicles? Will it be an environmentally clean process? If one uses electrolysis to produce hydrogen, where does the electrical power come from? Is generating electricity free from environmental concerns?

    Also, where will the very many hydrogen re-fueling stations come from? Who will pay for them? Could this money be better spent to control industrial emmisions instead?

    Don't be too concerned about the answeres to the questions above. Free markets will find the most efficient answers, if we will let it happen that way.


    Re: Hydrogen sports car

    A very nice response Mike.



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