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    6-week 1st impressions of my CT

    Just wanted to post a few impressions after having my turbo white pepper for 6-weeks now.

    First of all I still enjoy the car and am happy that I have it even though I came from a late model Corvette convertible hoping to find a compromise in the CT.

    The GOOD is that I like the plush quiet comfortable interior. The leather is luxurious and the stereo sounds superbly excellent. The acceleration is excellent for it's 5200lbs weight and very close to my beloved 2001 Corvette. The driver feedback is not steril like some luxury vehicles and the handling is surprisingly agile, especially taking on-ramps and off-ramps. The breaks are also extremely impressive and definitely add to the inspired handling confidence. Alsmost forgot, the awesomely smooth and responsive 6-speed transmission is practically seamless and the best I have experienced to date.

    Also the air condtioning system is excellent especially since I have the rear unit which really adds to the speed of cabin temperature control and comfort. The seats are extremely well designed and supportive with wonderfull 5-level heating all over. I did a trek across country putting 5000 miles on the Pepper and never had back fatigue. Amazing! The headrest would be a small item that I wish was adjustable fore and aft for added comfort.

    The BAD is that the performance comes at a price at the pump because of the weight and I've noticed around 12mpg for my average daily use and as high as 19mpg freeway with cruise control set at 75mph. The Vette's 19/26mpg for comparison.

    Also there is the Turbo lag that can sometimes put you in a compromised position if you are expecting an acceleration maneuver but get a slow plodding response such as when passing a car on the freeway. I sometimes compensate for this by downshifting the automatic by using the tiptronic switches on the steering wheel. Also the Tiptronic buttons are very nice but not fully practical because they turn with the steering wheel making them useless for maneuvering. I found the Formula One style paddles, as in the Aston Martin DB series to be much better.

    There is also a not too uncommon steering wheel shake at around 70mph. Again, this is a surprise in a car of this caliber. It is not consistent and is mostly a neusance because it is not very dramatic but none the less, evident.

    My pet peeves though tend to be with some of the creature comforts, such as the CD player. There is no pause or rewind/ffwd!! There is no mp3 ability! The sub woofers though excellent need upgrading if you really like some punch. The Nav system is not as good as my off the shelf Garmin but it is better than nothing. The headlights have artifacts and the low beams are fair in performance but the high beams are excellent. Sometimes the memory buttons and some setting seem to not work or maybe that's operator error but if so, it should be simpler and the operation more harmoniously designed. My biggest peeve is the large remote key fob with only one button to lock and unlock the doors. What a PITA! TWO buttons PLEASE!

    All in all, a wonderful vehicle with lots of room and comfort and I like the looks too.

    Re: 6-week 1st impressions of my CT

    The MY 2006 Cayenne get keys with two got your car too "early".

    Fuel consumption? have to live with that.

    Welcome to the CT'll get addicted sooner or later. My relationship to my CT is a love/hate relationship. I hate how it looks (ugly) but it is powerful and commutes the whole family when needed. I hate the throttle response/turbo lag but when the turbo boost is kicking in...true pleasure.
    At 270 kph on the speedo, my CT feels more stable than my 997 Carrera S (no kidding!). I just hate and love this truck, this is why I added the powerkit to my "suffering".

    Re: 6-week 1st impressions of my CT

    Maximum edit time has expired!!?? Sheesh
    Anyway, I found the FFwd/Rwd for the CD but still no Pause button.

    RC: 2006 has mp3 <sniff> AND a better keyfob!!! I am hoping for some type of fix (not the FM transmiter that I have now) for the mp3 like maybe a firmware upgrade to allow mp3 on CDs or even the use of the AV section for external units. Even a DVD that is viewable on the central screen and that can play mp3 would be a worst case. But just something.

    Also wish there was a dedicated mute button for the stereo that wasn't only on the steering wheel. Let's say you get a call while listening to music and using the Nav. and you want to pause the audio CD or at least mute it without affecting the Nav. Audio. Need a dedicated pause button, not one that is buried in a menu.

    Other points of note are; the glovebox cooler actually works well, Cup holders are nice, if smallish and there is no coin holder. Parking assist also works well for pulling into tight spaces. The dash has combined digital and analog information and it would be nice if it had an instant fuel consumption readout along with the stereo, nav and useless average speed readout.

    There is a nifty speed alert setting that beeps once when you reach the targeted speeds. Handy for casual race times with your buddies or to remind you that you're having just a little too much fun and maybe it's time to back off that throttle.

    The air suspension adjusts manually or automatically for desired ride height and comfort as well as handling and speed. Faster speeds get lower ride height and the Sport setting gets less spring travel for better control

    I've got about four years to go so now I'm looking into mods. Maybe wheels and tires, maybe lowering, maybe front skirt, maybe silver TURBO stencil on the rocker panels, maybe nothing



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