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    Cab wash tip

    I've never owned a convertible this tip may be obvious to everyone else - I wash, claybared and zaino'd this weekend (one more coat to go...ugh). Only problem...I left the TOP UP when I was drying. Basically the lint from the brand new white bathtowels kept catching on the wet top. So now I have great looking paint but a molting convertible top - CRAP!

    CLOSE THE TOP when you start drying!

    Re: Cab wash tip

    But then it gets more creased I have found! I just deliberately am very careful when wiping down anywhere near my hood.

    I have also had your same issue. The next time I took the car into Porsche I just asked them to valet the roof so it removed those small pieces of while cloth embedded in the hood. Worked a treat whatever they did!

    Re: Cab wash tip

    Use a tape lint brush takes 1 minute. Never fold the top wet!

    Re: Cab wash tip

    Use a leaf blower, no lint.

    Re: Cab wash tip

    Leaf blower! That still cracks me up!!

    ...and I understand that it's probably brilliant, but it's still really funny pointing a leaf blower at a nice shiny supercar!

    Re: Cab wash tip

    Will try the lint brush...thanks.

    Re: Cab wash tip

    When I had a Boxster I'd wash everything but the top most of the time for that very reason. It's easy to do just angle the hose to stay away from it. If you're driving top down it doesn't get very dirty anyway.

    Re: Cab wash tip

    I've found that if you take your towel and fold it into a 16"x16" square, place it on the top and start drying one "square" at a time(each time lifting the towel up and placing down on a different section of roof), it will not leave any lint on the top. Good luck.

    Here is the way Concours Champions wash their Cab tops

    Use the Porsche soft top shampoo, and use a kitchen potato brush to gently loosen any grime and dirt embedded in the cloth.

    Rinse the top throughly to get all of the soap out.

    To dry the top, use a Shop vacuum to suck off the water, soap residue, and grime residue out of the top material.

    This is the same principal as a carpet cleaning machine would do for Carpet.

    In fact, if you have never throughly deep cleaned a Cab top, a carpet cleaning machine with a hose nozzle is also an excellent choice.

    The key is to suck out the rinse water out of the top material. This method can also help to rejuvenate areas of the top that have creases or rub marks. it won't totally remove them, but they will look better.

    I have a grey top on my 996 which has the reputation of being the hardest to keep clean, and after almost 4 years it still looks almost new.

    lastly, make sure that you coat the top with the Porsche convertible top protector spray twice a year.



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