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    Hazards of the Daily Driver

    Well, you can't go out and play without getting your knees skinned.

    Hurrican Ike had knocked out all the traffic lights around here. I was stuck in bumper to bumper traffic, inching along, when "Thud". A late model Toyota SUV bangs me in the rear. It was a big thing. Looked like a tank in the rear view mirror. We worked our way to the next intersection and pulled off.

    I got out expecting the worst. No bent sheet metal! No broken lights! I had just bounced off of her like a beach ball. She got out and said, "Wow, that little car sure is tough!". All I could find was a perfect, mirror image, imprint of part of her license plate pressed into the plastic of one of the two bumper blocks.

    Her adjuster came out yesterday. I asked him to be sure the exhaust system was OK. Visually I can't find anything wrong with it and it sounds OK.

    How is the 911 low-impact collision system designed anyway? Are there crushable elements in there that have to be replaced? Something had to absorb that blow.

    Re: Hazards of the Daily Driver

    WOW! Glad you're okay. OTOH, you SURE you're okay? Perhaps something's bent out of alignment (engine, suspension) and will come back to haunt you later? Sorry for saying this..., maybe go have Porsche servcie check it out?

    FWIW, here's pics of the "undergarments" :

    Re: Hazards of the Daily Driver

    put the knickers back on....too sexy

    Re: Hazards of the Daily Driver

    Better have it checked out a Porsche Center before we agree to settle with the insurance company. You didn't get away without any damage underneath the plastic bumper.

    Re: Hazards of the Daily Driver

    I guess that that horizontal strip of stamped metal shown in the lower picture is what took the hit. The two bumper blocks on either side of the license plate must be supported by it.

    The Porsche dealer here doesn't do body work and recommended the Momemtum Body Shop here in Houston. Anybody have any experience with them? Is there another body shop here I should know about?

    Re: Hazards of the Daily Driver

    Ask the F dealer who they recommend?



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