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    My S5 arrived..

    ..and I drove it 1800 km from Germany to Italy and right back in three days!

    overall impression: great car! glad I bought it..

    some detail:

    engine: beautiful. revs up nicely and has impressive power at low revs. on the highway you can stay in 6th gear from 70 to 270 (max speed before the hitting the limiter: 271kmh at 6200 rpm with 300 rpm to go before red). and the sound is great!

    steering: very meaty and not flimsy at all (unlike bmw 335), feels almost like a Porsche one.

    brakes: very good. the car is stable in braking at all speed. did a max braking at around 230, which would trigger the emergency lights and brake assist, but car is very firm.

    handling: the car feels and is quite heavy. neutral in the bends, it has a very light hint to understeering, but not in a disturbing manner. once the trajectory is set you feel the grip is immense, giving a lot of confidence. will have track it to know more.

    consumption: the only real downside: average about 14km/100, but easy to go beyond that. so with a 63 liter tank you always end up at the pump. not very much unlike my 996tt...

    confort: actually excellent, also on the bad german autobahn at very high speed. this although i have 19 rims. exactly how you would expect it from a GT.

    ...and that's what this car is: an excellent high speed tourer which behaves nicely in the bends too. definitely NOT a sports car. It behaves in a very well mannered way, which kind of understates its performance; still it is fast, head up with a 993 of a friend of mine and even superior to it in elasticity!

    I do not understand though how an RS badge, 65hp more and some firmer suspension should make a sportscar out of it. this car (like the new M3) is a fat lady, no way around it! f u want a sportscar buy a 911...


    Re: My S5 arrived..


    S5 is excellent all year/all weather sport coupe with GT pretensions.

    Re: My S5 arrived..

    great write up!

    Audi S5 is a great GT, I'm in love with the sound!


    Some pics would be nice too!

    Re: My S5 arrived..

    Great report!
    Hope you will enjoy it a lot.

    I have one request, though... after a few days of regular city driving could you report back your fuel consumption.

    14L/100km for autobahn driving doesnt sound SO bad for such a car and the fact is that you probably weren't driving easy.

    Re: My S5 arrived..

    thanks guys!

    I'll report on the consumption in a while, when all has settled in. I forgot to mention one other practical aspect of the car: the boot is huge! and it comes standard with a skibag and foldable rear seats. which is good as it has to replace my x5 too!


    Re: My S5 arrived..

    Saw it in germany and italy while traveling there in the last two weeks..
    it looks amazing!
    hope it will be my next car or the one after

    Re: My S5 arrived..


    Congrats to your car, you're a lucky guy to have it already, I've ordered my S5 in march and I'll get it in week 44 :-(
    What specs did you take? My dealer told me that the delay is caused due to the fact that I've ordered the panorama roof?!?
    Enjoy the car and drive safe!

    Re: My S5 arrived..

    Great report. Even if mine can sound a little bit more downgrading i have to say that you ended up with the same opinion: if you want something sporty go 911.


    Re: My S5 arrived..

    yes, thats correct. In fact i could not order the sunroof yet unfortunately. the cars at the iaa had one, but these guys also said they were having trouble and only slowly ramp up production with it. but week 44 is near.
    my other extras are quite limited: alcantara, mmi, audio upgrade are the biggest ones. but the car is quite fully equipped anyway...




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