beltar said:
Lars997 said:

you are right, for sure my C2S is more powerful than the 535d. Anyway, in normal daily situation, either I'm driving long or short distance, the power of the BMW is more than enough. Overtaking is as easy as gliding. Further, the car has many more features and in the same time comfort and sportiness as it has enough space for shopping, travel and sport. So its a pretty good all rounder.

On the other hand the 911. A fantastic sporty car. Anyway - the power (feeling) is not that strong at all. I think it should be a Turbo to has the WOW-effect. The 911 is rough and noisy. 250 km/h with the BMW feels like 140 with the Porsche. Of course it is crazy how the Porsche delivers the power in high turns and how it goes from 230 to 270. Anyway, this situations are very very rare.

Yes - if I wouldn't love the Porsche I would have one and of course, I would not come to Rennteam every day. The car was my childhood dream and of course a part of the motivation for my hard work in the job. In other words, even with all the disadvantages I love it so strong to put that much money and (more hard) yearly loss on the table.

I hope that Porsche finds back with the technology innovations. It might be that coming closer to VW will help here. Otherwise I had my motivation and will check other brands in the future. As we see, the Italians becoming better and better form year to year

Me too i'm getting concerned about porsches way of evolution.
I'm driving as afamilycar a A5 3.0tdi with 500nm torque and 240 bhp, This Audi is giving me a fantastic driversfeel which i never had outer my porsches. This daily driver is a fantastic example of how modern cars evolute. It has comfort, power, speed, consumes not a lot and : it's great fun to drive, not looking bat at all too.

For now, my 997S cab has still my heart at its side, but porsche will have to do strong , concerning design, price and performance to make me buy the 991.
I'm not willing to sacrifice a lot of savings for another small step ahead... Like RC said: the innovation on the FL had to be ther from the beginning in 2004...

Especially since resale value of the 997 is not good at all...

the roof of your A5 is black? M3 e92 style?