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    Re: Next generation 911 (2010+)

    There's all this worry about the future of the 911 because it's rear engined and possibly limited to a flat 6 by space restraints. Why?

    Who needs a V8? Who needs mid-engine position?

    Ferrari's track car - the 360 CS, and Porsche's track car - the GT3, have virtually identical performance #'s, and unless you're a professional driver, it's not the car but your skills that will create the limit. A Porsche clearly doesn't need to have it's engine in front of the rear axle and 8 cylinders to provide a ridiculously incredible driving experience - one of the best in the world in fact- certainly the best in the world at that price. Porsche has engineered WONDERS with the engine in back and "only" 6 cyl, and to suggest that the limit has been met is to underestimate the human spirit as it is driven by the history of the 911.

    Sure there's the Gallardo and the Murcilago and the F430 - blah blah blah. The 911 is a classic, and there are versions of it - engine in the back and only 6 cylinders - that will go head to head with all of those cars. I have faith that Porsche will not let us down with performance in the 997 variants of those cars either.

    The 911 will never die. Those who say it will, shame on you.


    Re: Next generation 911 (2010+)

    Isn't the flat-6 used because of the lower center of gravity compared to an inline or V configured motor?

    Re: Next generation 911 (2010+)

    cartouche said:
    Soon or later, in 10 or 15 years, if things go on (security, prevention, no-risk policy, energy saving, pollution problems, traffic jams), don't you think it will be forbidden not only to drive fast car but to make and sell it
    So let's enjoy the TODAY 911 and "pourvu que ça dure"

    That's exactly what we thought 10 or 15 years ago!

    Re: Next generation 911 (2010+)

    MrBonus said:
    Isn't the flat-6 used because of the lower center of gravity compared to an inline or V configured motor?

    Yes, but the center of gravity of the V10 in the Carrera GT is lower still, so go figure.

    Re: Next generation 911 (2010+)

    RR4 said:
    I agree with nberry.
    The cayman and a cgt is the future.
    The 911 is dead.
    A mini cgt is being developed to compete with the Gallardo/430, the 911 is going into gran touring territory.

    You say a mini carrera GT is being developed, is this true???

    CGT's clutch and dry sump make the difference

    The clutch is a carbon/ceramic composite that is smaller and lighter which allows the car to sit lower. The dry sump lubrication system also lowers the c.o.g.

    Re: Next generation 911 (2010+)

    xspencex said:
    There was once a time when people said it ain't a 911 if its not air cooled..well that didn't happen.. If Porsche create a V8 911 then so be it..all the purists will hate it for years, but the introduction of a V8 will probably allow the 911 concept to live on so why not..

    I'm no purist, if I would be one, I would drive an old 911 2.7 or similar.
    I just don't understand why Porsche should put a V8 into the 911 since this changes the whole car's personality.
    Power? Porsche could get out up to 600 HP and more out of this engine for street use, so why bother with a V8?
    Torque? There are turbo charged flat six engines with tons of torque. Cost? Well, this isn't really a problem with a 911, right?! Environmental issues? With modern electronics, direct fuel injection and whoever knows what, no problem for a modern flat six engine.

    So I'm asking again: what's the point of adding a V8 engine into the 911? The sound changes, the weight distribution probably too, everything changes. So why not put a V8 engine in a 912 instead?

    Re: Next generation 911 (2010+)


    I wish Porsche WOULD tune the 911 to get 600hp out of it.

    For now, still waiting for the 997 T-S-cab to hit the market, and going crazy in the interim.

    Re: Next generation 911 (2010+)

    Al Pettee said:
    For now, still waiting for the 997 T-S-cab to hit the market, and going crazy in the interim.

    Get in line... hope you put your deposit down!!!

    Re: Next generation 911 (2010+)

    Al Pettee said:

    I wish Porsche WOULD tune the 911 to get 600lbs out of it.

    Weight reduction would have a far greater benefit on performance than 600 hp

    Re: Next generation 911 (2010+)


    I've been in line. But I think it'll be worth the wait.

    Le Chef,

    Indeed, weight reduction, as well as power boost, can improve the power-to-weight ratio. Ideally, Porsche would work on both.

    Re: Next generation 911 (2010+)

    I think it's common sense that if Porsche did a V-8 sportscar, it would likely be a mid-engine variant that DID NOT carry the 911 moniker. The 911 will always be a 6-banger, and it will survive or fall extinct with that layout, either way. When the 928 was released, Porsche was banking on the demise in demand for the old 911. They were wrong, obviously. Someday the 911 may very-well fall off the A-list, and drift into obscurity. But they would never plop a V-8 in it to rekindle enthusiasm. They would REPLACE the 911 with a different variant or platform, and that could possibly be a V8, or they would simply keep making 911's but introduce a new model that would sell alongside the 911 as long as enough 911's were in demand to remain profitable to build. But to drop a V8 in a 911 would be like tossing 40+ years of heritage and brand-recognition (car makers value that kind of stuff like cash-money) into a pile, and lighting a match to it. It would be about as stupid and unlikely as Chevrolet changing the Corvette to a V-10 and abandoning the traditional Chevy small-block. Brand suicide.



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