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    leather vs. leatherette

    iv got the options list right in front of me... u either tick nothing..
    leather seats with full leather interior apx. $2500
    leather seats with leatherette interior apx $1173

    whats the diffrence in look and feel between these two.. and what do i get if i dont tick any of the two..

    the full leather costs quite alot of money and im not quite sure if its worth it.

    not sure what leatherette looks or feels like either.

    any advise on what would be the right way to go would be greatly appreciated ..

    Re: leather vs. leatherette

    The Carrera base interior is of high quality and perfectly adequate. The full leather is simply exquisite in both appearance and to the touch. I ordered full leather -- the difference in cost is a pint of Guinness, or a Starbuck cappuccino per day if amortized over several years.
    I needed to cut back on the Guinness anyway..... the 997 needs a spare tire, however; not one encircling the driver's seat.

    Re: leather vs. leatherette

    With neither ticked you get leather on the front seating surfaces of the seats.....the back of the seat is leatherette. Nothing else in the interior is leather except a few items such as the gearshift boot, some pieces on the door, etc.

    "Leather seats with leatherette interior" gets you full leather seats and the "supple leather" (softer gathered leather) option can be ordered. But there is no more leather added to anything else but the seats that I know of.

    Full leather gets you full leather seats, leather on the dash, top portion of the doors, side panels of the top center column, and maybe another area or two.

    IMO a black interior looks just fine without full leather, followed by the other colors.....but in all honesty full leather looks better in all cases, but is $$$. My advice is to look at a standard and full leather car in person and make the decision.

    Re: leather vs. leatherette

    I don't like the very obvious stitching of the leather dash; adds more visual confusion to the already busy interior, IMHO.

    The chances that the dash will get (permanently?) scratched by some unattentive passenger are also to be considered.

    Re: leather vs. leatherette

    what about leatherette interior.. is there a clear visual diffrence between it and the standard look?

    Re: leather vs. leatherette

    khalidaij said:
    what about leatherette interior.. is there a clear visual diffrence between it and the standard look?

    Yes, if you get the non-leather you will really like it: definitely does NOT look cheap. If you later sit in a car which is all leather you'll see yours is slightly less impressive.

    Re: leather vs. leatherette

    The difference is the leather and leatherette is very different than in many cars. Many times with other cars if you pick leather over leatherette there isn't a big visual difference. You can tell by the feel and if you look REAL CLOSE by the look.
    But with the 997 when you get full leather it makes the interior look very different. Not only does the leather have a richer look then the plastic but you get a very handsome stitch (like some Ferrari's) across the top of the dash, along the door panels and along the lower dash that holds the navigation. On the 996 the doors had stitch no matter what. On the 997 without full leather the door panels look fairly cheap and dull In terms of scratches I have no ide what goes on in other peoples cars but I have NEVER gotton a scratch on my leather in any of my sports cars. If you're gonna get funky w/ a chick in the front seat of your 997 after softball practice - TAKE YOUR CLEATS OFF ! Thats it! Other than that I have no clue how someone would get a scratch so deep they could rub it out.

    You get a $500 discount on the adaptive sport seats when ordering full leather interior. It's a good deal. The leather is very important for re-sale (you can't have it retro-fitted) And it seperates the interior from cars like Mercedes that use so much plastic. I just hate looking at wall to wall plastic in an expensive sports car. Go for it.

    Re: leather vs. leatherette

    I agree Stradale!

    Thank you- very informative!

    LOL regarding- ...take your cleats off...

    Re: leather vs. leatherette

    STRADALE said:
    you get a very handsome stitch (like some Ferrari's) it.

    do you only get that stitch with the full leather???!!
    If so then go for it... that stitching really makes the interior of the car look VERY classy...

    Re: leather vs. leatherette

    BCE997J said:
    STRADALE said:
    you get a very handsome stitch (like some Ferrari's) it.

    do you only get that stitch with the full leather???!!
    If so then go for it... that stitching really makes the interior of the car look VERY classy...

    You only get the stitching with Full Leather.
    The stitch on the dashboard runs along the leading edge of the dash all the way across starting right above the side air vent on the passenger side all the way along the dash above the gauges to above the side air vent on the drivers side.
    On the doors the stitch runs from the hinge side (above the door handle) to the door opening.
    On the center consule (holding the navigation) the stitch runs along each side.

    Re: leather vs. leatherette

    I like the full-leather stitching, it lends an old-world hand-crafted look to the interior, even if it's really done with computerized sewing machines!! LOL... The full-leather looks expensive on paper, but when you consider it within the full context of a $80,000 + + + car, it seems like a small price to pay to bring the interior up-to-par with the balance of the excellence of the car, and appropriate for a car of this price-range.



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