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    Facelift Cayenne up in the Car Configurator

    So far it up on the german Porsche website, shouldn't be long tll its up on the rest

    Re: Facelift Cayenne up in the Car Configurator

    Nice find! Por que circulas las paginas aleman de Porsche? Silencio ante noche vieja?

    Re: Facelift Cayenne up in the Car Configurator


    I can't find the change to automatic gear shift on the Cayenne S

    And this results in not finding the PSE

    Too much holidays on my side

    Greetings and a happy new year to all

    Re: Car Configurator/New Color?

    Looks like there is a new color (green olive metallic, in addition to dark olive metallic) for the facelifted cars. Am I right, and has anyone seen a color chart with green olive metallic? A bit country clubby looking, but it might be nice with a chestnut/black interior.

    Re: Car Configurator/New Color?

    loving the 21" wheels, im sure they will be sweet against basalt black

    Re: Facelift Cayenne up in the Car Configurator

    Thank you Carlos.
    But what on earth has happened to the Porsche options and prices

    I configured a Cayenne S with all the "necessary" options, and came to almost 38 000 euros in options

    Re: Facelift Cayenne up in the Car Configurator

    Cayenne Turbo with the same options:

    Re: Facelift Cayenne up in the Car Configurator

    Has the titanium colour been deleted? I can't see it in the configurator.


    Re: Facelift Cayenne up in the Car Configurator

    Titanium has been replaced by meteor grey.

    Re: Facelift Cayenne up in the Car Configurator

    Hi all!

    A week is gone but I still can't find the option for aut. gear box

    Please help


    Re: Facelift Cayenne up in the Car Configurator

    It looks like someone in the marketing department has made a mistake and left Tiptronic off the configurator for the Cayenne. For the other cars it is in section 4 under Motor options.

    Re: Facelift Cayenne up in the Car Configurator

    I am a bit confused. The 2008 model guide includes Tiptronic S as standard in the U.S. When the U.S. configurator becomes activated, I am assuming Tiptronic S will not be an option. Am I missing something?

    Re: Facelift Cayenne up in the Car Configurator

    Now up & running at



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