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    Sportcar track Driving experience

    Hi guys!
    After i did a Porsche driving course about a year ago, i'm ready for another one
    I thought about another course at Porsche, one of the higher ranked (I think it's called "master driving"),
    But unfortunately they don't offer car hiring for that courses (only for the basic course).

    Could anyone recommend me another place to take a track driving course which does hire a car for the training ?

    Anyone knows if Ferrari\Lamborghini offers such a course?

    Preferred in Europe and an English-speaking instructor is a must.

    Thanks all!

    Re: Sportcar track Driving experience

    Anyone? :\

    Re: Sportcar track Driving experience

    Don't know about Europe, but there is this one in North America:

    If it's here, surely it's available in Europe.

    And then there's:

    Re: Sportcar track Driving experience

    Thanks Joe!

    Re: Sportcar track Driving experience

    Scuderia Hanseat arranges driving courses at Nürburgring with English-speaking instructors.

    Scuderia Hanseat Webpage

    There are several companies around Nürburgring where you can rent sports cars.

    Re: Sportcar track Driving experience

    Hi Discover

    The European Speedclub offers loaners (P-cars/F-cars) for their courses:
    Their website unfortunately is in German only. You may want to shoot them an email to find out whether they have English speaking instructors

    Re: Sportcar track Driving experience

    bluelines said:

    There are several companies around Nürburgring where you can rent sports cars.

    See here:

    Re: Sportcar track Driving experience

    Thanks for the links guys!
    bluelines, i prefer a closed race-track. not the Nurburgring.
    and anyways, these guys charge almost 2000 Euros for driving around the 'Ring. car isn't included. ain't my cup of tea.
    but thanks anyways

    I tried to e-mail them ask exactly what is their offer.
    hope to get a reply soon.

    I also tried to contact Lamborghini Academy and Porsche (again).
    hope someone will answer me soon

    Thanks guys!!!

    Re: Sportcar track Driving experience

    You need to check out the Corvette Performance Academy:

    I did the level 2 performance training and it was great, one of the best driving schools I've been to (I've tried a few). The instructors are very good and you get a lot of time behind the wheel. Worth every penny.

    Re: Sportcar track Driving experience

    Thanks John!
    But i want something that is more than 1 days.
    Lamborghini won't answer my e-mails, so i will probably take Porsche's Performance course

    Re: Sportcar track Driving experience

    Hope you'll have a good time. Post photos afterwards! =)



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