... should be: HOW LONG ? I cannot see how the Gemballa GTR 750 EVO could withstand that kind of torque without substantial modifications to the drivetrain, engine and even body. Unfortunately I don't have any details yet but personally, I would stop at around 600 HP for the 996 Turbo. Best value for the money and best compromise regarding power/reliability ratio is about 520-540 HP.
I talked to many Tuners and people who already tuned their car and it is always the same story: the more power, the more problems. You can't just add 200 HP to the 996 TT and expect the drivetrain and engine to work within normal parameters without sustantial technical adaptation and enforcement of parts. BTW: I met a guy with a 700 HP 996 TT last year at a Tuner. He blew his engine. More questions ?

Here are more pics of the GTR750EVO:

[image] http://www.gemballa.com/Images1/996/Kfz/EVO_2/big/silber/G96_silber_7502_big_2.jpg[/image]

Nice "showcar" and impressive power output but I'd never buy it.