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    First test report!!!!!

    The best part is that the four-tip exhaust sounds just like you'd pray a Porsche SUV might sound.

    web page

    Cool Thanks, NT


    ...thanks for posting the link.
    The only think I don't like: I read a lot of hype but no comment regarding the lows of the Cayenne.

    If the driver states that the Cayenne drives like a C4 S, the C4 S must be a very bad sports car.

    And I do almost 160 mph (speedo reading) in my ML55 family car almost every day, so I'm not that impressed with speed.

    Around mid december, you'll read a very open minded and sincere Cayenne Turbo real world driving test here, at And my counterpart, CR, will do a real tough off-road Cayenne testdrive to see if it is any good off the roads.

    I know that some people think that I don't like the Cayenne (might sound like that if one reads my posts) but this is no true. I'm ready to give the Cayenne a real chance but I won't follow this "sportscar SUV" hype going on right now, especially in the US but in other countries too. After I drove it, you can be sure that I'll tell the truth. is highly independent, we don't have paying customers (advertising) and we don't need to kiss anybody's a.. .

    Just can't wait to testdrive the Cayenne, it surely will be a lot of fun, no matter what the outcome will be.

    Cayenne performance on the track...

    RC, for what it's worth (and that may not be much) I heard from the GM at my local Porsche dealer in Greenwich that the turbo version of the Cayenne had turned in better times on the north loop of the Nurburing than the 996... I didn't get any more specificity than that... like which sub model of 996, etc... it wasn't 996 tt!!

    Still, if true, respectable results I suppose.

    Re: Cayenne performance on the track...

    Not true, I can assure you that. That's exactly what I was talking about: dealers, press and even customers (who actually never drove the Cayenne) try to create the myth of the SUV supersportscar. That is pure BS.

    As far as I know, the Cayenne Turbo did the Nuerburgring Nordschleife in something around 8 min 42 sec. which is quite impressive for such a heavy car but isn't even close to the 996. The driver is rumored to have been Walter Roehrl.
    And one never knows how much power this Cayenne Turbo had or what kind of suspension was still a prototype because I consider all cars prototype as long as they're not available at the dealers.
    Look what Mercedes did in Nardo with the SL55 AMG, it outran the GT2 and was even pretty close to the Lamborghini Murciealago.

    C'mon, don't tell me you believed that?!

    And a last word: even the ML55 and the X5 do the Nordschleife below 9 minutes, no big deal.

    Again: I'm not against the Cayenne, I actually think that the Cayenne Turbo will be a great SUV and family car. But it is no sportscar and I almost end up vomiting when people ask about Cayenne racing.

    Re: Cayenne performance on the track...

    I wonder how much substance there is to this story, but I heard a Club Sport version of Cayenne with 550~600hp coming?

    Re: Cayenne performance on the track...

    I give up.

    Re: Cayenne performance on the track...

    Thanks for clarifying fact from fiction here... I was just repeating what he told me w/o being in a position to debunk it. Of course, I am not a cheerleader that some big honking SUV outperform a sports car on that track. Hey, I have a vested interest... at a tt996 owner!

    tks for the clarification.



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