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    Re: exotics in australia

    Not my photo - just some mates trying to get a great banner as high as possible... gotta love it!

    Re: exotics in australia

    New vid, Ferrari 360 Challenge screaming through a tunnel.

    Re: exotics in australia

    What happens when you look under the ashtray of a Lamborghini...


    Re: exotics in australia

    So, back to Classic Adelaide vids... here's the emergency/course car giving it a bit of drift curry through a corner with lights and sirens blazing.


    Re: exotics in australia

    And here's the lads in the Ferrari 360 Challenge race cars on the same corner:

    Next vid of that corner will likely be a compilation of the rest of the cars that I recorded.

    Re: exotics in australia

    This is a video of a trackday at Wakefield park - about 40 Ferraris attended. It's broken up into 3 parts, each about 4-5 mins long - if you just want to watch one then part 2 is the best.

    ---> Part One
    ---> Part Two
    ---> Part Three

    Above each youtube vid is a link to the HI-DEF version! These are awesome quality videos and I hope to bring a lot more of them your way over time.

    Re: exotics in australia

    Have been busy behind the scenes and have put together a massive repository of great hi-res exotic car photos, categorised by make/model/etc.


    Over 10,000 photos of sportscars!

    Re: exotics in australia

    Superlative! I love the color yellow...

    Re: exotics in australia

    Full write-up with loads more pics etc here:

    Click any pic for hi-res version.

    Aston Martin have just released two new pieces of rolling art loaded with V12 warheads, and two of the first in Australia are now on their promo tour around the country to get bums in seats.

    We turned up to be greeted by 4 of the best (only?) good looking sets of choppers in Britain...


    V12 Vantage
    Pushing the fob into a slot in the middle of the dash – quite reminiscent of a cassette-tape – the exhaust reports off the nearby walls and steadies to a distant-thunder like rumble. Marcel told us the clutch take-up was very high, and he had a lot of really cool technical explanations about the mega gearbox and clutch setup – so it’s a little difficult for a newcomer to get used to.

    The seats – well racing buckets – are very taut but huggy. This results in a rather low seating position – so your view is monstered by the huge dash – apparently it’s otherwise the same as the V8 Vantage, which has better visibility.

    Inside the car driving along the exhaust actually sounds quite tame – it’s kind of a distant howl that you’ve long left behind, it was only later when following it that we realised just how magnificent it actually sounds to other people.

    Sadly the half hour or so we spent in it was mostly just getting used to the big stonking front-engined V12 thing – and the feel of an Aston Martin in general, so we didn’t really have a chance to give it a sporting go. Watching it driven later by others though it looks pretty damn impressive, it would be nice to spend more time with this car – I feel it could be something very special.

    As for beauty of sound and vision – as a front-engined car I can’t recall encountering anything that really competes.


    DBS Volante
    If you ever feel like you haven’t had quite enough UV radiation exposure, then the roadster version of the atom-smashing DBS is for you. I just love saying it, Volante – it rolls off the tongue like ordering a side dish to a steak – yes I’d like a fillet mignon with volante and asparagus stalks.

    And it is a delicious car – like basically all 2+2’s the rear seats are quite hilarious, the only way you could reasonably imagine them useful is cruising for midget hookers – but we’re in the fantastic South Australian wine country, twisty roads and rolling hills aplenty – perfect conditions to really enjoy this car, and gosh I look good driving it (well, look pensive about chucking a $500k+ car I've never driven around the hills at least). :)

    You kind of get in expecting the drive to be like naval warfare vessel, it just somehow appears big and soft yet pulls off looking tough – like a carbon fibre marshmallow. Thing is though, the steering is pinky-finger light and extremely responsive – there’s an ever so slight vagueness at dead centre, but I didn’t notice any particular issue when pointing that intimidating front grille through a corner.

    Handling is very neutral, you very quickly gain confidence to really approach bends without much fear of understeer or inertia – indeed on some of the tighter corners it actually felt nice and chuckable, the TCS/burnout button is very enticing here.

    The sound is more deep and throaty than Linda Lovelace, a nurturing rumble at cruising – and when the foot goes down or the tacho snags 5k the active exhaust bellows out like Barry White getting bamboo shoots up his fingernails.

    The other sound system from B&O seems pretty damn good – we didn’t get much of a chance to really test it, but we tried a bit of a poofy dance track and some sweeping classical which really suited the road out of The Lanes Vineyard – it was cranked to somewhat more than comfortable volumes and the sound was crisp, the range better than my 90’s-techno-rave-deafened ears can discern, and the bass was meatier than a buffalo but it didn’t cause any rattles or distortion.

    The one hang-up I have about the DBS Volante is the paddle-shift, this car needs a stick dammit. The gearshifts just didn’t seem as precise or in tune with what you want as they should – when you are doing the take-off you really want a good solid and clean shift from first to second, but I found it seems to falter up around redline for a while like it’s hunting for the next gear, it’s quite disconcerting and you feel as though you’ve lost momentum. Dropping down a cog or two as you approach a corner you’re unsure you might have the right gear, admittedly I’ve only driven it for less than an hour so it might be a learning process, but I couldn’t help thinking it just wasn’t suitable for this car.


    V8 Vantage
    Getting behind the wheel of the V8 Vantage I think it took maybe 3 gearshifts and 2 corners before I was settled nicely into this car, it’s just really easy to grab a hold of. What I noticed right away was how good the visibility was compared to the V12 – see at this point in time I couldn’t have told you bupkis about any of the cars – all I knew was that they were Astons, and so it surprised me when I was told the Vantage I was driving now was basically the same as the V12 except for the engine and race seats – they really felt like two completely different cars.

    Other funny thing is – the sound for the driver on the V8 is more rewarding than the V12. The V12 has a spine-tingling howl that slaughters the V8, but the problem is when in the car it’s too quiet – only passers-by and people following know how good it is. The V8 Vantage though – it booms and growls and pops and farts, it gives all the right feedback to the driver so you can have some of the fun too. On the V12 my suggestion is that they install the exhaust pipes on the front of the car.

    The ergonomics are fantastic – not much more need be said – the only niggle I had was that the dead-pedal encroaches too much on the clutch. I got used to it pretty quickly, but now and then when you go for a fast gearchange you find your heel just clips the dead-pedal unless you specifically use just the ball of your foot.

    V8 Vantage – vision, sound, drive, and satisfaction – all rate beautiful.



    This car I was only passenger in – and not for very long either, plus it was a flappy-paddle jobby which again doesn’t suit the vehicle.

    We had several nice minutes of barnstorming through some rolling hills and poor tarmac conditions, the car remaining poised and balanced with everything thrown at it. The noise from this car from within the cockpit was the best of the three tintops – which is probably more to say it was loudest. The V12 Vantage killed it for the quality of the exhaustical symphony – but only from an outsiders perspective.

    Would certainly have enjoyed spending more time with this car to get a real idea of what it’s made of – especially if it had a third pedal in it.

    Oh yeah, there was a DB9 Volante lingering at the winery too...

    Enjoy! :D



    Re: exotics in australia

    Terrific thread - many, many thanks for posting..



    "Things turn out best for people who make the best of the way things turn out."

    Re: exotics in australia

    Cheers man!  I'm just here to make the interwebs a beautifuller place. :)



    Re: exotics in australia

    Can't stop staring at that DBS Volante.

    Re: exotics in australia

    Yeah sorry I should have got out of it first :p

    Hehe, anyhoo, there's 22 pics of it here.  :)



    Re: exotics in australia


    Cheers man!  I'm just here to make the interwebs a beautifuller place. :)


    Great job at doing that ! thanks for posting, the pics are great, keep posting  Smiley

    Re: exotics in australia

    Nice pics.

    I've driven the DB9 Volante and to be honest it was not my cup of tea at all.  It felt so uneventful, the Vantage was considerably different.  I will say though the ladies loved it.  I had more attention in 5 minutes than I've had in a lifetime. 




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