After seeing the interior pic and reading the detailled technical specs, I have to confess that I'm deeply impressed with the Cayenne.

Quality seems right, the interior looks classy and even more classy as on the 996. Maybe the designer changed or maybe VW had a good influence on Porsche, I don't know.
The technical specs sound impressive for a SUV.
Did Porsche re-invent the SUV category with the Cayenne ? Time will tell.

If the Cayenne is as good as the specs and pictures indicate, I see happy days for Porsche to come.
And don't forget: If the Cayenne is a success, we sportscars enthusiasts can hope for some nice real sportscars from Porsche too.

I know that Porsche sporstcars hardliners have to get used to the Cayenne first. But if the Cayenne Turbo represents THE Porsche of the SUV market, I guess it will throw a good light on the other Porsche products too.

Just one little concern though: rumors indicate that the Cayenne S will be priced at around 80000 EUR (~ 74000 USD) and the Cayenne Turbo at 110000 EUR (~ 101000 USD). These prices include the german tax (16%) but we're talking about butt-naked cars.

No official price tag has been confirmed yet but I truely hope that Porsche does a reality check before making these rumored price tags official.