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    Lotus Evora Cup Test/Media day

    Lotus proved they are serious about their sporting ambitions for the coming years when they organised a two-day event at a decidedly chilly Snetterton on 10/11 February to showcase to prospective teams, competitors, series organisers and the press their new Evora Cup car together with the already familiar GT4 2-Eleven, both cars being demonstrated on the circuit together with a Caparo that has also had Lotus involvement.

    Test drivers Gavan Kershaw (211) & Jarno Trulli (Evora Cup)

    The Evora Cup of course is in the early stages of development, and Lotus have been quick to co-opt the services of new Lotus F1 star driver Jarno Trulli to assist Gavan Kershaw in the testing and development work. Trulli himself was present at Snetterton and even though the distinctly wintry conditions must have been a culture shock to the Italian, he is clearly relishing the task. In common with others involved with the new F1 team he is recognisant of the importance of the Lotus name to many British fans who can't wait for the Grand Prix season to start.

    "Because the English fans have such a passion for the Lotus name, I hope we will not let them down", said Jarno, adding: "Lotus have delivered all they promised so far and I am very happy."

    The Snetterton event also provided the opportunity for prospective Lotus owners to meet representatives of the new management at Hethel, including motorsport supremo Claudio Bero. He too is aware of the long sporting tradition of Lotus, telling us: "Lotus is nothing without competition. Our brief is to lift Lotus onto another plane, to a level where they belong, in the company of such as Ferrari and Maserati.

    As we've said before 2010 is guaranteed to be a very special year for Lotus in motorsport be it with Lotus F1 Racing on the F1 scene, with Lotus Motorsport and the Evora Cup, 2 Eleven and maybe Indy Car and Le Mans in the future and of course with Lotus Cup Europe which is looking likely to fill grids for the first time since it's inception.

    Evora Cup on track for it's first test with Jarno Trulli

    Trulli's initial Evora feedback to Claudio Bero and the Motorsport team

    Michael Hipperson deep in conversation with Jarno Trulli

    A small adjustment for Trulli in the 211...

    Matching Caparo

    Classic Team Lotus involved with 4 superb Lotus F1 cars from the past present



    Re: Lotus Evora Cup Test/Media day

    I absolutely LOVE Lotus! Smiley

    There is no try. Just do.



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