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    Selling Car

    My family is moving to France for a year in July, and I will be ordering a Cayenne Turbo as our family car. Therefore, I will be selling my 2006 Carrera 2S. I will be advertising in the local papers and Porsche newsletters, but am considering E-Bay as well. Anyone used E-Bay successfully, or have any comments about the process? Thanks....

    Re: Selling Car is very good. You'll waste your money in the local news papers. 997 shoppers aren't searching for them in the classified ads, as they wouldn't expect to FIND anything in the paper. eBay can work well also. From my experience, you won't SELL the car on eBay, i.e. your reserve won't likely get met before auction close. BUT, you'll have one or two or three guys still on-the-hook and interested in the car AFTER the auction, and after some phone conversations, and exchanges of more pictures and info, you'll sell the car through verbal negotiation.

    Re: Selling Car

    Try and That is where I looked and I bought it on autotrader.

    Re: Selling Car

    Pictures - options and asking price? I have a friend looking right now for a 2005/6 model...

    Re: Selling Car

    69bossnine said: is very good.

    ...and don't skimp on the cost of the advert.

    Well, if PJPR's friend doesn't take it, buy the full Autotrader $70. run-til-it-sells ad or whatever $ it is currently to be able to post a dozen or more photos AND thumbnail photo with the ad.

    Consider splurging again by placing the same ad in BOTH Autotrader's "Premium Listings" ad section and ALSO in the "Featured Listings" category (... true, it's a shameless, cheesy Autotrader sales gimmick to segregate comparable vehicles into two sections --Premium, Featured-- but you'll increase exposure/ad views probably 30%+ by listing in both) .

    It might cost you double (total ~$140 ?) to do both Premium & Featured sections but if you consider that a single-issue three-line print ad in AutoWeek magazine's classifieds costs around $90, the Autotrader rate is a bargain.

    State in the ad (assuming it's true ): no accidents, no body repairs, never smoked in.

    You've got to get the buyer excited about your car; I've had good luck selling using autotrader (two E46 M3's and my first 997), one thing I do is to make a reduced-size high-quality photocopy of the original factory window sticker (70% copier reduction or thereabouts so it fits on a regular 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper) and then INSIST ON faxing the window sticker to whomever inquires about the car. No risk involved, window sticker doesn't carry any confidential information.... but it gives the prospective buyer something tangible to hold in their hands & stare at while they ponder an offer! sorry to ramble, hope it helps.

    Re: Selling Car

    Thanks for all the help, guys! The car is a 2006 Carrera 2S, Carrara white/black rims with colored crests, black leather/carbon package, sportchrono/sport exhaust, rear wheel spacers, sport seats, short shifter, telephone module, model designation delete, and fire extinguisher. The car is perfect, with 3700 miles, always garaged, never smoked in, never track driven. I purchased it new in May 2006 for $95K, and I want 85K for it. If anyone is interested, send me a private e-mail.

    This is a cool and very unique car, which I would keep in a heartbeat if not for the move.

    Re: Selling Car

    Very nice...I'm sending this over to my friend for a look see. Beautiful car..almost tempting enough to sell mine and buy this one.

    Re: Selling Car

    You might want to consider bringing it to France and selling it there. Euro Porsche prices are much much higher than US ones. Usually you will not be charged importation duty when you move if you have owned the car for at least 6 months (depends on the counry). Sometimes there will be a time limit on when you would be able to sell it. Good luck on the move and start shopping for car insurance already - European car insurance is expensive, especially for immigrating Americans!



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