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    Mystery Solved!!!

    Since the first time I saw the standard wheels for the Cayenne S I have been puzzeling over the origin of the design. My first thought was "Buick". These wheels looked like they belonged on a Buick. Maybe General Motors and Porsche got their orders mixed up from some wheel supplier.

    No, however, the truth has been revealed to me. BMW!!! These were BMW wheels that were to go on a future version of the Z8. It was to be a six cylinder version called the Z6 and there would be five groups of three spokes rather than five of four as on the Z8.

    These plans were not widely known and, in fact, I am reasonably sure that this will be the first time any of you have seen this information in print. When the Z8 did not sell as well as expected all Z6 production was canceled and BMW was left with a load of these odd wheels which Porsche was able to pick up for a song!

    Remember, you heard it here first!

    Re: Mystery Solved!!!

    I thought these were the Alpina wheels?

    Alpina Wheels?

    I didn't have a story to go with Alpina.

    But seriously, aren't the Alpina and Z8 the same vehicle but marketed differently in different countries?

    Re: Alpina Wheels?

    From what I know, Alpina is a BMW tuner which for some reason, seams to be official in the States maybe like AMG but I'm not sure.
    The pic of that car is Alpina's version of the Z8, it's a bit less powerful and has an Auto gearbox instead of the the Manual box.

    Re: Alpina Wheels?

    I didn't have a story to go with Alpina.

    But seriously, aren't the Alpina and Z8 the same vehicle but marketed differently in different countries?

    Fanch is right. Alpina is a bavarian BMW tuner. Alpina has very close ties to BMW, they developed the X5 4.6is engine for them and they modified the Z8 with an auto tranny (different engine too). The Z8 is the Z8, it has been sold under the brand name BMW in all countries worldwide.
    The Alpina Z8 with auto tranny has been manufactures by Alpina especially for the US market. As far as I remember, the Alpina Z8 cars with auto tranny were distributed in the US through official BMW channels.

    Re: Alpina Wheels?

    OK, so the six cylinder was going to be called the Alpinete.



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