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    Re: Porsche 997 facelift Automotive News cont

    I like the new rear apron (bumper cover).

    What I really like is that they are doing away, finally, with the crease line that runs the circumference of the apron. That was introduced on the facelifted Boxster in 2003. I think it makes the rear end look ponderous, and it ruins the fluidity of the shape.

    In the new version, that crease line only appears on the side and then tapers off, giving back that sense of fluid motion, and eliminating that miserable heavy rear-end look.

    Kudos to that.

    Concerning the front end: it does look a bit busier than the current one, and I too dislike this aggressiveness trend in car styling. However, it looks like the center opening may be functional finally. It seems to funnel air to the radiators on the side. If that turns out to be correct, that would be a hugely welcome change in my book. A Porsche should not have fakery in its functional looking bits, period.

    I simply can't believe that the children of the people who brought us the Bauhaus movement are now putting fake opening and fake exhaust tips on their cars.

    Euuhhh... Wait a minute... I wonder if that that has anything to do with the fact that several of these designers are the children of the people who brought us the fake 50's fins! Yes, Bangle and several of his colleagues at German car companies are actually from the Mid-West...

    Don't get me started on the fake exhaust tips. Nothing looked so purposeful as the single exhaust of an early 930. Now, we have massive dual exhaust tips being fed by a pipe that has 1/3 the surface area!!! And to think that I used to make fun of the 80's Corvette, where 2 of the 4 tips were totally fake (blocked! Now even the BMW 3 series plays the same trick on the unsuspecting public. The shame of it!)

    Kamal (MA)

    Re: Porsche 997 facelift Automotive News cont

    Regarding the front end and the Bauhaus, the real mind blow comes when you remember the car is rear-engined.

    Sure radiatiors and vents are justified up front, but you'd think they'd downplay and minimize them because the rear engine is the thing.

    Instead they abandon that fact and even try to "aggressively" make it look like there's an engine in front.

    Since "Form follows Function" seems to have been abandoned in the car's styling, It would be nice if the designers did everything possible to get rid of heat in the most technologically advanced way possible and preserve the early obviously-rear-engined 911 front end.

    Looking at this comp makes you wonder what's going on. Remember the corvette is all front engine and has the unabashedly "muscle car" heritage.



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