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    wheel and tire insurance

    was anyone offered this by their delaer ? $500.00 gets me 5 years full replacement for any tire or wheel , including punctures, that gets damaged on the road. obviously, does not cover vandalism or worn tires.
    seems like a good deal.

    Re: wheel and tire insurance

    Does it cover curb rash? Or is that considered self-inflicted vandalism?

    How much is a new OEM spec tire anyways?

    Re: wheel and tire insurance

    i got it with my extended warranty from primuscare....i think it's great.


    Re: wheel and tire insurance

    <Does it cover curb rash? Or is that considered self-inflicted vandalism>
    don't think so <g>
    it does cover that massive pothole that takes out the wheel and the tire.
    I think it even pays for towing to the dealer for replacement.
    tire and or wheel comes from dealer, not aftermarket
    for the 997 the tire and wheel have to be around $ 1,000
    no wories about a claim,as it has nothing to do with regular insurance policy

    Re: wheel and tire insurance

    My advice: read the coverage carefully. Simple and direct but may be unlikely you'll meet requirements.

    I mean there's NO small print to worry about but rather THE CONDITIONS underwhich they'll pay for damage. Mine sounds good until they put the "tire must be fixed/replaced at original dealer where this warrenty was sold " (my italics). There's also some conditions which I forgot but make it even HARDER to get a claim successfully made. Oh, yeah, something like tire must hold air i.e. must not have a chunk of rubber missing. A bunch of BS! READ READ READ the conditions, or get so many requirements that you'll never collect if you get damage or flat.

    Re: wheel and tire insurance

    Wow, MMD....that's an absurd clause that contract would restrict you to repair at the original dealer.

    Mine is pretty good, so I forked over $499 for a 5-year term (same program for Nissan Pathfinder only $249 ....but considering cost of 997 wheels/tires the $499 is not bad imo). Covers all road hazards except damage caused by curbing the wheel/tire; covers replacement at any facility in U.S. and Canada.

    Like most insurance, you're buying peace of mind as much as anything else. I haven't used wheel/tire insurance yet, but I would get it again.

    Re: wheel and tire insurance

    Damian said:
    Wow, MMD....that's an absurd clause that contract would restrict you to repair at the original dealer.

    Yeah, no sheet. I didn't bother to read it; was too busy buying the car. For us$250 I didn't bother to cancel it within 30 days either. Make sure you guys check yours.

    Re: wheel and tire insurance

    For what it's worth, I dug out the email from my dealer on wheel and tire insurance .......
    Protection: Tire/wheel plans are for 36 months.
    1. Tire/Wheel Protection Program - $699 - 36 month Coverage Includes:
    a.) Flat Tires - Tire replaced with factory specification tire. Speed rated tires can not be repaired, so this policy covers the replacement of the tire.
    b.) Tire & Wheel Replacement - You will be reimbursed for the costs incurred to replace tires or wheels damaged by a road hazard.
    c.) 24-Hour Assistance - Toll-free number that will dispatch assistance in the event of a flat tire. Will change to spare or tow to service station.
    d.) Emergency Travel Expense - If you are more than 250 miles form your residence, up to 3 days living expenses will be reimbursed.
    e.) Mounting, Balancing, and Taxes - Will also be reimbursed.
    I did not get it.

    Re: wheel and tire insurance

    <that's an absurd clause that contract would restrict you to repair at the original deale>
    mine says nothing about original dealer.we are talking oem rims, so it follows that you will need a dealer, whatever the brand of car. you need to submit a receipt for reimbursement, so in theory you can use any dealer you like
    it allows a prorated cancellation at any time, less 10 %, and is transferable to another owner for 25.00
    I am generally wary of any insurance or dealer come-on, but for 100/year it makes sense to me.
    if I had this when I had my 95 M3 ( rims of butter), i'd have been declared uninsurable <g> my wife finds every deep pothole, and has corked more wheels than I can count

    Re: wheel and tire insurance

    Yes, read the fine print, especially as to whether it must be a road hazard such as a pothole and if it specifically includes or excludes damage from a nail. I did a wheel/tire policy on both my 996 and 997 and have used the warranty once on each car. The 996 needed a new wheel (Sport Design) to the tune of $1,100 or so and the 997 needed a new tire due to a nail after just 1,200 miles. Then again, depends where you live. If in a major city with rotten roads (e.g. Chicago), I think it's a no brainer.



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