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    pse & tyres

    hello everyone anyone know how to disable pse overide on a 997 c4s with x51 powerkit, looked at various threads with pics but all look differant to my engine, also i would appreciate any views on replacment tyres, the car is fitted with sport suspension -20mm+lsd and is currently running on bridgestone potenza's reo50a, but the rears are getting a little long in the tooth, i drive the car quite hard on wet and badly surfaced roads in the north east of the uk, previously i owned a 996 c4s cab ridding on pilot sports but impossible to compare as cars handled completely differant.many thanks, lennie, sunny england

    Re: pse & tyres

    I have PSE on my X51 Powerkit 997 C2S and the procedure is the same, if you want to disconnect the vacuum hose or the wiring harness to the solenoid that activates the override. They are in exactly the same location as the normal 3.8 engine. Regards.

    Re: pse & tyres

    hello cybergypsy and thanks for the reply, don't suppose you have a picture of the afor mentioned pipes & solonoid, the pics i have seen on various threads have an orange electrical plug connection and 2 or 3 pipes leading into it highlighted with red arrows, can't seem to see it on my engine, anyway here's a pic of the old girl is it the same as your's,? sorry to be a pain.oh and by the way a tech bloke at opc told me i would get a fault warning light on the dash if something like this was attemted is this

    Re: pse & tyres

    I didn't get any warning lights on when I did my changes. Since then, I have reverted to the original set up since I like to be able to turn the exhaust off if I need to. Nevertheless, it didn't flash any warning lights on the instrument panel and I don't see a reason why it should. I am attaching a picture of my engine bay and see if it matches yours exactly. Regards.

    Re: pse & tyres

    If you look carefully at the picture of my engine bay, at the upper right corner of the opening on the right intake tract of the carbon fibre airbox, there is a wire that has a connector that is a bit orange in colour. That is the one that needs to be disconnected and make sure to cover the connectors to protect them from humidity and grime etc. You could, alternatively, disconnect the vacuum hose on one end of the solenoid to which the wire with the orange connector is plugged and put some vacuum line covers on the open ends to avoid minute particles of dirt from being suctioned into the lines. I hope this helps a bit. Regards.

    Re: pse & tyres

    I live in Sweden and have a EU spec 2006 997S with X51 from the factory. My vacuum valve is on the left side hidden behind the left intake manifold. I tried unplugging it and ran so for awhile then put it back, as I need the option of silent mode. Then I installed a separate electrical switch in the center console that runs in series with the wire to the vacuum switch. Now I can select standard operation or loud all the time. I've had it this way since last spring, and it works like a charm.



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