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    One GT3 Allocation

    I just heard from the sales manager at "my" dealership. He reports that he will get ONE GT3 allocation from the April to August 2003 build cycle. And I'm First In Line! He expects the Preliminary Order Guide in March. Ya Hoo!!

    Re: One GT3 Allocation

    Here's new news from another of "my" PCar dealerships. It seems that all US Porsche dealers got a fax today from PCNA saying that ALL US dealers would get ONE GT3 slot from the May to August build schedule. Starting with the post factory break builds, in September, GT3 allocations will go back to the "normal" process where allocations are based on previous sales.

    Re: One GT3 Allocation

    Are you saying that GT3 is a limited production car?

    I had a understanding that Porsche will make them as long as there is a demand for it. May be one allocation for each dealership for the first build series.

    I thought GT2 was also a limited production but you can go aheard and order one now if you'd like to.

    Re: One GT3 Allocation

    Ron - I think he's saying that for MY2003, each dealer gets exactly one car, but for MY2004, the production will be much higher with big dealers getting several cars worth of allocation.

    That makes more sense (NT)

    NT = No Text

    Re: One GT3 Allocation

    I just got back from the Chicago Auto Show and spoke with
    a regional manager of PCNA. He confirms that only 1 GT3 will be supplied to each US dealership, taking up the May to August production. These cars will be called MY2004. After the factory break the remaining GT3 production for 2004 will be distributed based on Porsche Sales volumes and other factors. He estimates that will be another 500 cars, for a total of 700-750 for the US. But that 500 is just an estimate!
    I am third on the list at a major dealer, so he thinks I definitely will get a car!!

    Peter H, did they have a GT3...

    at Chicago show? I just got back from the Canadian show in Toronto, and they did not display a GT3 (or the Carrera GT?!).

    I also have a GT3 on order and I am #2 or 3 at my dealer. Can't wait, and I don't think I will miss the turbo.

    OT, I saw the new Cayenne S in person for the first time. I think Porsche made a big mistake. They want a lot of $$$ for a pretty plain looking vehicle that is far from luxurious inside. For far less, you can get a loaded VW Touareg, which is far better looking inside and out IMHO. Maybe the Turbo will do better, but will people really spend that much on a fast SUV? I guess time will tell.

    No Steve, ...

    The GT3 and Carrera GT were not on display at the show.
    They clearly wanted to highlight the Cayenne. I sat in the Cayenne S and was not impressed with the interior. The plastic door trim looked cheap. As for the exterior, I felt it looked awkward. The VW Touareg just happened to be in the
    next display and appeared more pleasing to the eye. But for whatever reason VW only brought one so I could not check out the interior. At least in the US, long term Cayenne sales will depend on brand loyality.



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