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    Front bumper - reaspary

    I have had my Seal Grey car 997s about 2 months now. Just the other day as I was washing my baby, I noticed a fault with the paint on the front bumper which is under the lacquer. visited the OPC who said the whole bumper had to be resprayed.

    Anyone know if it would be possible to get a replacement direct from the factory(already painted). I am going to ask the OPC this week, but wanted peoples thoughts first.

    I would expect a factory replacment (done on the production line) to be better than a respray by a the body shop.

    Re: Front bumper - reaspary


    I'm sure you've heard the saying "using a band-aid to fix a broken leg"???

    Well in the case of what you're describing, you've got the opposite scenario. You're prescribing an amputation to remedy a paper cut.

    The dealer is correct, they would have to re-spray the entire nose just to fix your flaw....HOWEVER...

    A re-sprayed nose panel is far less desirable than one solitary small subterranean flaw. Re-sprays, even when done properly, rarely have the durability and adhesion of the factory coat. Which means it will chip easier, you may have issues down the road of crow's-feet cracks where the nose flexes or is pushed on (kids, dogs, curbs, etc..), and invariably you'll trade your small flaw for a handful of fish-eyes, or sand scratches that show up under the surface months later after the paint cures/shrinks, or a few specks of dirt in the paint, etc.etc.... You run the risk of running around in circles and circles with the dealer's paint shop getting the damn thing perfect, only for it to be less durable and more prone to flaws down-the-road.

    My advise?? Live with it, you're better off.

    I've been down the road of trying to get a pre-painted factory bumper cover from Porsche. I needed one for my rear, as my 4 year old daughter accidentally dropped her dirt bike on it (big scratches, not something I could "live with").

    I got an emphatic "NO" from Porsche on that. Let me know if you find a way, I'd be interested in a factory black rear cover. If you saw my car, you wouldn't know it had been resprayed on the rear cover. But I know, and it drives me batty.

    Anyhow, if you're anal about the front of your car, just cover the whole thing in clear-bra so it's protected, and that will likewise obscure your flaw. Or, just let it ride, because without clear-bra you're going to get peppered with rock-chips and sand-blast over time anyhow, so you ought to wait until the entire nose really needs a re-finish, not just one small factory "oops".

    That's my perspective. I know that when you pay that premium for a car, it oughta be perfect. But sometimes **** happens, and you've got to balance "should be" with reality.

    Re: Front bumper - reaspary

    I would not worry about it. I had an old lady back into my rear bumper a while ago . It was replaced and it came out absolutely perfect .
    In fact, I think that the dealers bodyshop takes more time and does a better job than the factory guy who has to paint them all day long.
    They know that their work will be under much closer scrutiny when finished.

    Re: Front bumper - reaspary


    Thankyou for the detailed response. I was just considering 'just live with it' and after you comments which I totally agree with (based on my past experiences) will probably do that.

    Re: Front bumper - reaspary

    Ashton, I had a paint problem on the front bumper of my previous 911 - a Seal Grey 996. The Leeds OPC re-painted and clear coated it under warranty and it was absolutely fine.

    Re: Front bumper - reaspary

    Given that pretty much every used car at an OPC has the front bumper resprayed i think they should be pretty good at it by now.

    Re: Front bumper - reaspary

    Ashton said:
    visited the OPC who said the whole bumper had to be resprayed.

    Pssst, same thing happened to me. They resprayed and it was perfect. The paint has held up just like factory. If it's an excellent shop then don't worry about it. Cars new have repaints quite frequently for various things that happen during shipping. No big deal.

    Re: Front bumper - reaspary

    The old classic fallback response:

    Wait until you get a dozen rock chips or minor dents from a shopping cart and THEN do something about it.

    The car's not in a museum so it's "supposed" to get some wear and tear.

    oops, I noticed 69bossnine said something similar... .

    Re: Front bumper - reaspary

    Paint is one of those relative discussions. It's all in what your eyes are trained to see. Can't tell you how many times I've seen cars win "best paint" at a show, voted on by their peers, and the winner is a total schlock job, that nobody could notice.. So there's no point in discussing the nuances of paint online.

    This is in no way an accusation, or insult, to those who believe they've had good luck with their resprays. Chip Foose could be one of you fellas for all I know. That's not my angle whatsoever...

    It's just to say that it's a circle-jerk to get into paint quality discussions online, blind, when standards can't be seen.

    Bottom line, as I said, and MMD ditto'd, best to wait until you've got enough good reasons to repaint the nose. One flaw under the paint isn't enough, the risk outweighs the reward. Especially with a metallic, where even a perfect match in the can, won't lay down with the flakes oriented exactly the same (which depends on factors of surface static charge and booth environment and gun pressure, etc.etc..), which means in different angles under different lighting, you invariably wind up with slight differences unless your guy is lucky or good or both.

    Re: Front bumper - reaspary

    Just a thought and a question.

    Can't you just order a factory-painted Seal Grey "bumper" from the Porsche at some point?

    IOW, when you get enough scrapes and pimples on the old one just replace it with a new one?

    The switch seems like a quick and easy DIY thing.

    Of course the price of a new one might be hugely expensive compared to having damaged one painted?

    Somehow though I think new ones are around us$1600.

    Anybody know the costs for the factory-painted part? Can you get one f-painted?

    I'm waiting to have to do this myself when I eventually get f-ed with all this parallel parking I do... .

    Re: Front bumper - reaspary

    My flaw was from factory so I don't buy the paints all relative arguement. A respray done by a high quality shop isn't the booga booga it once was. These cars, including F's get paint work new, far more than you realize.

    Re: Front bumper - reaspary

    I tried to obtain a factory-finished rear bumper cover when mine got nailed... I found nothing but a dead-end, even after emailing Porsche U.S.A. directly. Oh well..

    This is an endless debate. The materials and technologies used in shops have improved, but the true craftsmen are getting rarer and rarer... Most high-end shops can fool most people most of the time.... It just depends on who's looking at the car.

    It is true that a large amount of cars get bruised somewhere during or post-production, and get fixed stateside. I see them littering every showroom I browse.

    1/4 panels resprayed, and blended at the top of the C-pillar...

    Small chips Langka'd

    Paintless dent removal where they didn't quite get it, or overdid it and fatigued the area.

    All that crap is easy to see from 20 feet away for some, and impossible to see over a lifetime of ownership by others..

    SrfCity may have a keener eye than I do, I have no way of knowing.

    But that's the problem, there's no way of knowing online.

    Best thing is to wait to respray when it's truly warranted, IMHO.

    Re: Front bumper - reaspary

    69bossnine is right,--live with it if you can, to avoid a respray. The factory will never ship you a bumper already painted. Could you image the packaging and special HANDLING they would have to go through to get it to you without further damage,--and then, would it MATCH?

    That's one big reason why I ordered a custom non-metallic paint job. All sports cars will need something painted at one time or another and even the best shops may not get the metallics just right.




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