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    ECU Chip Change

    I have a 03 996 C2, my previous car was an 02 CLK55. I love the C2 it is much more exciting to drive but it lacks the power and low end torque of the CLK55. I hear a lot of comment on this board about increasing the power of a 996. Has anyone here in the US had any experience with ECU chip change out. There are a lot of ads for these chips but do they really work on the 996. I put a Dinan chip in a BMW 5 Series a few years ago and the improvement was very noticeable. I would appreciate any input.

    Re: ECU Chip Change

    Was your M5 an automatic? Everything I've read over the years about ECU chips for unmodified cars indicates there is little if any HP increase. Chips can change the shift points of the automatic transmission making a car/truck "feel" more powerful. I suppose chips can raise the rev limiter which could result in a bit more HP at the increased risk of breaking the engine.

    Waste of money, imho and would probably void part of your Porsche warranty.

    Re: ECU Chip Change

    M5's are manual so doubt if that is the cause for the increase in performance.

    Porsche are renowned for having a "lazy" advance curve, find someone who nows what they are doing on a dyno and get them to cut you some new code.

    Probably going to be better than buying an off the shelf item at the very least.


    Re: ECU Chip Change

    I doubt a simple chip change can make significant hp improvements on your 996. The alleged gains in performance are likely due to changes in the e-gas inputs to the engine, making feel more powerful without increasing its performance. The sports button in the e39 M5 does this. I used to have an e46 M3 and there were numerous chips offered and none of them made any significant performance gains. The 996's engine is also a highly tuned small displacement engine where performance gains are small and very expensive. Why do you think that the X-51 and X-50 packages are so expensive and involve so many changes to make their hp? I would also refer you to Steve Dinan's white paper on dino claims.



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