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    Cayenne is selling well; production to be increased!

    Good article in Autoweek (web page) with many comments from Peter Schwarzenbauer. Sales were over 10,000 through October in the US. He discusses their initial allocation problems and what they are doing about them and the differences in selling and servicing SUV's vs sportscars.

    Re: Cayenne is selling well; production to be increased!

    Thanks for the whole article, GM. I've been looking for it for a few days, as it was on Automotive News a few days ago but you have to do the full subscription (as opposed to just registration) to view the whole article, and they gave you enough just to whet your appetite.

    Re: Cayenne is selling well; production to be increased!

    Thanks GM. What a good article, I am seeing the effects at my dealer, the joint VW / Audi / Porsche showroom is being split and I hear the service reception for Porsche is also being seperated from the rest.

    On delivery, I did not exactly want mine tomorrow but would not have waited a month or more, so he seems to have nailed it there.

    Re: Cayenne is selling well; production to be increased!

    This is exactly the reason why people need to get over their issues w/ the Cayenne, IT IS HERE TO STAY.
    I really don't like SUV's, even though I do have an X5, which I don't consider an "SUV", but an "Uber" E39 Alpina engined 5 series on steroids.

    Re: Cayenne is selling well; production to be increased!

    Not sure I understood a word you said, if you meant a 5 series on stilts I agree (ok just kidding)

    Re: Cayenne is selling well; production to be increased!

    Maybe my brain cells don't work too well anymore but didn't Porsche predict 35000-40000 sold Cayenne per year? And now I shut up.

    Re: Cayenne is selling well; production to be increased!

    I believe the prediction was 25,000 annually worldwide.

    Re: Cayenne is selling well; production to be increased!

    It's amazing to see how many people want it to go wrong with the Cayenne.

    Re: Cayenne is selling well; production to be increased!

    It's amazing to see how many people want it to go wrong with the Cayenne.

    1. I wanted to buy a Cayenne Turbo myself
    2. I don't want anything to go wrong with the Cayenne
    3. I think the Cayenne is too much VW and not enough Porsche
    4. I think the design isn't good, especially women (interesting!) don't seem to like it (unless they hear it is a Porsche... ). Also interesting: people who owned a Porsche sports car before don't seem to like it too much either. Just my personal experience, it doesn't have to be true.
    5. I'm just trying to offer a wider perspective of the current Cayenne "situation".

    Honestly, I want the Cayenne to be a success because the more money Porsche earns, the more interesting products (especially sports cars) we'll see over the next few years.
    2005 will be an interesting year: the new Mercedes ML comes out, so does the all new GST. Both are build in the US, both are rumored to be available in larger versions and the ML 55 (or 60) is rumored to have minimum 490-500 HP.
    So I think Porsche has to prepare for the challenge because 2005 will hurt Cayenne sales. I'm not sure the planned Cayenne Turbo Powerkit will improve things.
    And last but not least: the Cayenne actually "steals" Porsche sports car customers, something Porsche cannot really like.
    I'm not sure that the 997 will increase sports car sales again, I really think the Cayenne is one of reasons why 996 sales slowed down. The 987 is a different story, it is underpowered and "old".
    Just my 2 cents...

    Re: Cayenne is selling well; production to be increased!

    I wasn't thinking about you, RC.

    I was thinking about boards like Auto-spies and

    Re: Cayenne is selling well; production to be increased!


    I have to disagree (for the most part) with the idea that the Cayenne steals sports car sales, at least in the US anyway.

    True some sports car owners have purchased a Cayenne, but not instead of a sports car, rather its in place of their Chevy Suburban , ML or similar daily drive, which means sports car owners are buying more Porsche.

    I am not in that group, and would never have bought a sports car. I replaced my MB with a Cayenne S. now I might buy a sports car following my good experience with Porsche.

    I would never have even walked into a showroom had it not been for the Cayenne, in the US I think I speak for the majority of Cayenne owners.

    Of course I stand to be corrected.

    Re: Cayenne is selling well; production to be increased!


    I have to disagree (for the most part) with the idea that the Cayenne steals sports car sales, at least in the US anyway.

    Unfortunately it did and I'm sure Porsche is aware of that.
    Don't forget that a lot of people are driving a Porsche sports car because it is a Porsche. Not because they appreciate the special driving feel, the sound of the engine or the technical specs. I call these people "posers" and there are lots of them, in the US and also here in Germany.
    It is pretty easy to identify them, they don't have a clue about the technical specs of their car, they don't have a clue about Porsche history and tradition and they usually aren't driving faster than 100 mph (US) and 200-220 kph in Germany.
    I know that even 100 mph aren't legal in the US but I have lots of friends with Porsches in the US and most of them exceeded speeds of over 140-150 mph once in a while. And it isn't only about speed but also about enjoyment. I have a family friend who bought a Porsche because he always wanted one. The funny thing is: he never drives faster than 140 kph (88 mph) because he's afraid(!) of fast driving. And he gets bored pretty fast driving a car, he actually keeps his Porsche in the garage and uses it on special occasions only. He's now thinking to sell it and get a Cayenne V6 (not an S and not a Turbo) because he can move his family too.

    Don't get me wrong: I don't expect all Porsche sports car owners to drive to the track or to violate speed limits but I happen to own a Mercedes E55 AMG and this is a much better car for daily driving than a Porsche sports car. Honestly.
    I can't imagine why somebody would prefer a 911 C2 instead, quality on the E55 seems much better than on the 911, drive comfort is better and it is as fast as a 911 Turbo.

    For me, buying a Porsche is a philosophy, a commitment to life and to having fun. Even buying a Cayenne is something special because the Cayenne can be considered to be the sports car of the SUVs. But one really has to ask himself: why do I want a Porsche? Do I like the brand name, do I appreciate certain qualities, do I want to fullfill a dream and so on. Maybe not all people considering a Porsche are thinking that way but they should.

    To get back to the Cayenne hurting sports car sales theory: it is interesting that since the Cayenne showed up, 911 sales dropped. Boxster sales dropped before but the 911 was selling pretty well until the Cayenne showed up.
    I also talked to various dealer who confirmed that they have a bunch of customers who exchanged their 911 for a Cayenne or who considered to buy a 911 but went for a Cayenne instead. You owned a Mercedes before, so maybe you understand that a lot of Mercedes owners don't have a clue about their car. And maybe they really don't have to have a clue, they just want to drive it. To enjoy a Porsche, you have to love it, not only enjoy it. You have to love it because it has little interior room, quality sometimes sucks (well, it is much better now), the dealers are very often damn arrogant and the mechanics don't have a clue about these cars (some of the US dealers are servicing VW, Audi and other brand names...with the same mechanics ). Not to speak about the operating noise (exhaust, engine, tires, etc.). I won't forget this guy at my dealer who wanted the Porsche OEM sport exhaust removed because it is too loud for him.
    And last but not least, the Boxster: a lot of Boxster owners drive one because they always loved to own a Porsche but can't afford the 911. Don't get me wrong, the Boxster is a fine Porsche. Porsche actually views the Boxster as a "911 entry" model and why not?.

    Long post, short meaning: Porsche attracted a lot of new customers by introducing the Cayenne but they also gave existing customers a way to pose without compromising interior room, comfort and noise level. Most people I know can only afford one Porsche and having a family makes their decision pretty clear.

    Re: Cayenne is selling well; production to be increased!


    I agree the paradigm is changed, but that does not always mean it is for the worse.

    I could argue that Porsche Sport Car owners are eccentric posers, but would not because I now appreciate "why Porsche". Just because we all do not drive over 100mph all the time is not important. (my top so far is 135)

    I love mine as much as anyone, its still a new love affair so I am probably more in tune with it right now.

    I am also an Engineer who appreciates the finer detail of the design. This (Cayenne) cannot be bad for Porsche as it spreads the word further, energising the used and new car market, making Porsche financially stable and liquid enough to continue developing and building all of their range of great cars.

    So a few 911 potential buyers bought a Cayenne instead ! I am sure that is true, but that is the minority. In the US no sports cars are selling in large numbers in any market segment. Thats just where the market happens to be right now. The downturn began before the Cayenne was released.

    I think it may be bad psychologically for some existing sport car owners somewhat, but bad overall, I think not.



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