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    Dilemma! Found the car but it doesn't have xenons!

    What do I do?
    Is there anything I can do?

    I found the exact car i was looking for (seal grey / terracotta) and pretty much all the otpions i want EXCEPT for the xenon lights!

    Is there anyway i can buy them after market, if so where, how much etc...any took off 7k on car and i don't know if i can pass it up but i know that the lights are gonna but the hell out of use to driving with xenons...HELP!

    Re: Dilemma! Found the car but it doesn't have xenons!

    Pass it up, Xenons are a must have!
    I'm sure you can find another one.
    Good luck on your search!

    Re: Dilemma! Found the car but it doesn't have xenons!

    You can't retro-fit the factory bi-xenons. Probably be easier to respray the car! Why don't you just order the spec you want?

    Re: Dilemma! Found the car but it doesn't have xenons!

    Double-check with your dealer, I thought the lights could be retro-fitted?? They were on the 986/996.

    Sound Package Plus

    It's for my son - but he is set on the xenons - the guys from the dealership are confirmign today whether or not we could just drop xenons in - i dont know if i can pass the car up at that price - plus it pretty much has all of the options we wanted including Nav system - how is the upgraded sound system - it doesnt have the Bose but does have the sound package plus...any ideas????

    Re: Sound Package Plus

    Just spoke to the guys at porsche and they found a kit for $700 bucks installed to do the lights

    Re: Sound Package Plus

    That install may be an aftermarket kit to replace the main beam, and not true Porsche bi-xenons - check with dealer !

    Re: Sound Package Plus

    i believe it is only to replace the main beam...eitherway, its better than the standard lights

    From the dealer---
    "Porsche does not do the xenons but zippos (the place that the dealer uses to do any aftermarket work) does a bulb and cross over box to handle the extra voltage for $750"

    Better than nothing i guess...

    Re: Sound Package Plus

    Did a similar install on my old 986, it did make a difference in terms of light output but not in the range of the beam (governed still be the reflector / glass lense). Useful upgrade and easy DIY for $400 or less.



    Re: Sound Package Plus

    997Fan, that is a tough situation if the car has all the options you want minus the Xenons. Prior to getting my car I woul have said to go for it. But now that I have my car with the Xenons I would say that you should wait. The Xenons really are light years better than the standard headlights. They really light up the road well at night and give a wide viewing area. Also, the high beams are xenons as well. With those on its almost like friving in the daytime. However, the chances of you finiding another Teracotta car with those specs will be tough unless you order it. Can you wait that long?

    Re: Dilemma! Found the car but it doesn't have xenons!

    I really hesitated to reply in this thread because I'm so blatantly biased towards xenon lights.

    My Audi TT had xenons, before I moved to the UK. Arriving here, I was in the market for another TT and found one that was just perfect... only without Xenons. Honestly, everytime I switched the lights on I hated the fact that it had no xenons. It's just a must have option for me if it's in the budget... for two reasons:

    1. My night sight isn't the best (post-Lasik glare and hasn't been particularly sharp before either) and better light helps heaps to know what's going on ahead of me.

    2. Xenons just look the business on a sports car. It's an element of sophistication that just fits. Hard to describe, but they haven't lost their cool factor for me.

    Re: Dilemma! Found the car but it doesn't have xenons!

    Also bear in mind that the main beam of the std headlights is actually 65W per side, and not the normal 55W. I can't say how it performs to the 35W xenons.

    You'd best get to your dealer at closing time to test them for yourself.

    Re: Dilemma! Found the car but it doesn't have xenons!

    Bi-xenons are an absolute must have. I wouldn't even think of having a car without them.

    Re: Dilemma! Found the car but it doesn't have xenons!


    Going to put clear lenses on the side, dual tip exhaust, and have them add the aftermarket lights...hopefully can pick it up on Saturday

    Re: Dilemma! Found the car but it doesn't have xenons!

    Great news - make sure you run it in tho

    Re: Dilemma! Found the car but it doesn't have xenons!

    I don't get you guys who are saying that Xenons are a must-have. I had them on mpy 996 Targa and I don't have them on my Boxster. While I certainly agree that with Xenons is better than without, there's no way I would pass up a car I wanted just because it didn't have Xenons.



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