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    factory service or private porsche shop

    hi all,my question is ,my 40,000 mile service is coming up.and i want to take the car to a place called stuttgart preformance here in orange county.but if i need to have a warrenty repair done on the car later,can porsche not cover it because my schudled maintenace was not done at the dealer?

    Re: factory service or private porsche shop

    Somewhat related: is the place you're bringing it known by local Porsche Club of America? If not I'd think again..., not that they're automatically bad, but good PCA word of mouth carries alot of credibility.

    Answer to your question should be rather easy to find in warrenty book (in case nobody here knows).

    Re: factory service or private porsche shop

    thanks for the info MMD,yes they are know by the local pca,they were at the the last autocross selling helmets nd the such and some members have there cars serviced there..i looked at the warrenty book and it did not say anything that i could tell either way,its written kinda confusing.i think on purpose..thanks again

    Re: factory service or private porsche shop

    It will not void your warranty as long as you keep proof if the oil change, air cleaners, parts etc. (which you can all do yourself).

    I was also thinking about having someone else do the my recent 40K but there are many nice inspections only they (the dealers) can perform.
    I ended up doing the air cleaner and the pollen filter myself (order parts from Sunset Porsche) and let the dealer do the rest for about $280 including rental.
    To my benefit he found corroded wiring in the raised rear brake light and also replaced my sway-bar drop links with a new design after I mentioned some suspension noise.

    All in all it was an excellent service and there is no way an independent shop would have done the drop links and wiring harness.

    I can't believe I am saying this but - bite the bullet and take it to a dealer and do not hesitate to mention any issues you are having.

    Re: factory service or private porsche shop

    I don't see how it could void your warranty for a standard service. If this was the case all of the oil change places, tire shops, etc would go out of business.

    Re: factory service or private porsche shop

    Service outside Porsche is authorized and recognizable but as stated earlier, they're generally the only guys more aware of technical service bulletins that need to have service or inspections performed,--and they should be able to inspect the car for things they know more about than a shop that generally sees older, out of warranty cars.


    Re: factory service or private porsche shop

    I wouldn't trust a non-Porsche shop. Bad experience. They may be good at what they know, but they are lousy businessmen, to the point of being thieves. Basically they are grease monkeys who know nothing about new Porsche's.

    The one in my area is PCA sanctioned, and even the PCA President of my area gets his cars Porsche's serviced there, but the guy that ran the shop is a real thief. Real effing c*cksucker, and a liar. They never have any money, and they expect you to foot the bill before they even finish their work. My advice is to stay away. I learned the hard way. FWIW.



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