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    Service update after 43K -

    05 997S 43K 8/04 delivery - Service update, some good info.

    After my recent battery replacement (under warranty) my Sports Chrono light would not go off (not good at night when you are not using it) so I scheduled a visit. At around the same time my raised rear brake light showed a warning/error and my drop links (front) seemed a little noisy.
    Long story short - the Chrono was fixed via a software setting (low voltage may have blitzed the CMOS), the rear brake light water seal had leaked and some wiring has been corroded and will need to be replaced - warranty will take care of this.
    The drop links are an early style which has been updated by the factory. All four corners will get the new design installed as soon as the parts are in, again under warranty.

    The purpose of this post was to point out potential battery problems if voltage gets too low, water leak issues around the raised rear brake light and the availability of a fix for noisy drop links in early 997 Porsches. My car is a launch car so I can not tell you when the new drop links were introduced.

    The dealer really came through... nice (perhaps he has been reading this forum, we have the power)

    Drive Right

    Re: Service update after 43K -

    Good to hear! At least you seem to have a good dealer.

    Re: Service update after 43K -

    Leawood911, how are your PCCB's wearing up to this point?

    Re: Service update after 43K -

    what do you mean by drop links (front)?
    thanks in advance

    Re: Service update after 43K -

    stubenhocker said:
    Leawood911, how are your PCCB's wearing up to this point?

    They look and stop like NEW! No wear. When my 'non-warranty' family car mechanic saw them the first thing he said a - "Wow, new rotors!" - they had 43K on them.

    They are a great investment - no brake dust, no noise (I have heard others complain about that but I have never heard any) and they make the car feel more agile than the steel brakes. I have driven both.

    Those in the know really appreciate them when they see the car in person. I get more comments about the brakes than any other aspect of the car. It may be one of those options that holds it's resale value 100% since it makes the car stand apart from others and, frankly, I don't see these brakes wearing out - on the street.

    Re: Service update after 43K -

    altak said:
    what do you mean by drop links (front)?
    thanks in advance

    They are links that attach the sway bars (front and rear) to the chassis. Wish I had a picture. They are about 6 inches long as I recall.

    Porsche must have re-engineered them after the release of the 997 since the original version, like mine, start to wear prematurely and make noise like the swaybar is loose. The fix is to replace the links at all four corners, for the front and rear swaybars.

    I will take a picture of the new links so that you all can see if you have them already or not.

    Re: Service update after 43K -

    SVNSVN said:
    Good to hear! At least you seem to have a good dealer.

    We have had our ups and downs - big time. It is a struggle sometimes to deal with them. It was not until I gave in and decided that I really did need them more than they needed me that I came to terms with the service. I suggest this is the best attitude with Porsche.

    I hope my update is informative in terms of what to expect.
    Hang in there and just open the wallet and smile.

    Re: Service update after 43K -

    thanks Leawood911, I anticipated a good report on your PCCB's, seems like this latest generation is truly worth ordering!

    Here's to your continued reliable and enjoyable motoring!



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