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    Audi RS4???

    Allegedly is the new RS4 in Geneva to be presented, has over it already someone information? Or are there already concrete dates?

    Re: Audi RS4???

    Very few Audi fans here I guess? Well I'm now one of Audi's biggest after driving the latest S4, not insanely hardcore sports car like the M3, but hardcore enough for any performance car enthusiast, and I dont think you'll ever be left wanting for more, at least I wasn't. I would get an S4 but I'm waiting for the RS4 to reach the states which won't be till early next year. Here's what I know...

    -natraully aspirated 4.2 liter FSI V8 re worked by Quattro to pump out at the very least, 420bhp if not more.

    -lightweight bits, such as aluminum will be used to help reduce the weight of the car and aid increased performance.

    -this isn't clear, but it's said that there will be a "new" wheel design, though it looks that the current 19' RS6 five spoke wheel will stick around.

    -6 speed manual gearbox available initially, supposedly Quattro GmbH is working on a seven speed version of tiptronic/or DSG?

    -Offical launch will occur in Geneva, cars available in Europe summer time, U.S. early next year.

    -Huge speculation over weather or not Avant will make it to the U.S.

    More will be revealed the first week of March when pictures and offical info will be launched.

    some pics...

    Re: Audi RS4???

    I love the S4.. thanks for the pics

    Re: Audi RS4???

    I'm a former Audi owner and a big fan of the S4 and RS4.
    Absolutely great cars. Not sportscars by P standards, but a lot of fun nonetheless. Used to have an A4 1.8T quattro with 330 BHP, but albeit fun the car was less than harmonious to drive.
    But god, I miss the torque of a huge turbo sometimes!!!!

    maybe Im getting decadent here, but IMO the car on the pic is too perfect, too pretty and conservative. I miss the ugly bulkiness of the RS4

    Re: Audi RS4???

    Nice to you have any pics of our A4?

    Re: Audi RS4???

    yeah, but I dont think I have any scanned pics. It was nothing special to look at---only 18" rims to see...but ill check it out and get back.



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