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    Hot and Cold......

    My 2006-997 Cs has been great. Despite some posters advice, I drive it almost every day---- sun/rain/snow. I put 18" wheels with high perf snow Conti's on it for the winter season. Very good winter car. I hand wash it once or twice a week. Problems have been minor: recalled tailpipes,gas leak (could have been major),defect in lighted door deck +
    QUESTION 1) :
    Yesterday, it was 25F degrees here in Minnesota. Often I get hot air from lower vents and cool/cold air from upper vents. This can be very frustrating. You have to 'crank' up the temp to balance out the cold air. Despite bringing this up with my dealer several times (20K still under warranty), he says this is normal. With our MN changeing climate, this situation can be a real pain,,especially on the many road trips I take?? Your comments ,please.

    Question 2 : Occassionaly, when I switch from audio CD back to a radio station, I get a volume change increase that is so loud my ears for a couple hours afterwards. I mean very loud. He says this is normal ,but, could be related to MP3 discs??? He did not really know but, I will try to recreate the scenario... Bose Audio experts--- please advise ( I have the upgraded system).
    I am into the dealer for the 20K checkup and would like to have more input, if possible.
    Received my car Nov 2005 and have 21,000 miles on it. What is the drivetrain expectancy of the 3.8 engine system. Since so many of you either garage your cars in the winter, or, don't drive them every day (read- very low miles accumulated on monthly/annual basis)etc., it is difficult to gauge the real longevity of P-cars, at times. Not the same car obviously, but some production engines (ie--Toyota) are known to routinely go over 200K. My Miata is still running well at 170K, my 325i is at 180K...etc.

    Great Forum.... Have a great weekend. Spring is coming to Minnesota.... Very nice.


    Re: Hot and Cold......

    you can customize the volume levels for each source. you can also cutomize settings such as fader, balance, bass and treble for each source and it reverts to presets when that input is selected.

    Re: Hot and Cold......

    Will try that. Thanks. I wish the dealer would have suggested this. It is amazing , though, the major volume output difference that occurs. Have not measured it but , something in the area of 80db to over 120+ db ( much louder than my chainsaw)change. Even louder that the Lindsey Buckingham concert I was at last night---- and that was loud,,,and good.
    have a good one,

    Re: Hot and Cold......

    recorded music comes in all different loudness levels, and the move to digital in the last several years has coincided with a gradual increase in the overall level as recording engineers attempt to have CDs etc. as close to the max as possible. Radio stations also play the game and generally jack up the transmitted level of their signal to the max. If you're listening to MP3s which were cut from older material, especially tapes or (gasp) LPs, then they are likely to have a relatively low loudness level.



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