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    Anti sway bar settings......what am I doing here?

    Geeez, I wish I had more of a clue of what I was doing adjusting these anti-sways on the Turbo.
    Right now I have the rear in the 'mid' position (of three) and the front in the end hole (least rigid)......the car is definately more rigid laterally, and I believe she's turning in a bit quicker.
    My original goal was 1.)to overall tighten her up a bit more 2.) dial-out a bit of understeer, I 'thought' I had 3.) just continue making the car all it can be.....(without screwing it up too bad ).

    I'm thinking I need someome (far more capable than I) to give me feedback of where they think it's at....there has to be an optimum setting for aggressive street plus track use.
    What would it feel like if I went too far ( too tight laterally for my own good).....what's the downside here?

    Any input appreciated.....thanks in advance.

    Re: Anti sway bar settings......what am I doing here?

    If you want a brief and correct answer, here it is: find a good racing shop and pay them to set up the car for you. Believe me, this will be money well spent.

    There is no way to answer your question without knowing your alignment specs, coilover settings, what tires/pressures you run etc. Also it depends upon the road surface you drive on. In general, the bumpier the surface is, the softer you want to go. You also may want to soften the rear a bit to drive in the rain In a nutshell, there is no such thing as "perfect setup for all conditions".

    With all that said ... if you don't race, choose settings you are comfortable with on the street. It is easier to drive a car with a sligthly softer setup.


    Re: Anti sway bar settings......what am I doing here?

    Thanks for the shop is Kelly Moss Motorsports....they have great credentials & alot of talent.

    I now have two track events under my belt, and continue to play w/settings.........I'm gettin there.

    Initially, I was just looking for things to watch for to help me know when I was over-the-top one way or the other. I got some input over on Rennlist on the mod board & like I say, I'm getting there.
    Gotta say, this car just gets better & better........on a big track, she continues to be a barrel of fun .



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