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    Weineck Cobra versus CLK-GTR in Dubai

    During the "Mamemo Lounge Dubai 2002" from November 02. - 07. a 1500HP Weineck Cobra will race against an AMG CLK-GTR (tuned to at least 1300HP) on a temporarily closed public street at the Paddock Club Dubai, opposite to the famous "Burj al Arab" Hotel.

    for more details see:
    Mamemo Lounge Dubai 2002 (takes a minute to load)

    further info on Weineck:

    Re: Weineck Cobra versus CLK-GTR in Dubai

    The travel offer sounds interesting. I recently talked about this hotel and having some nice days in the Emirates. A friend of mine knows the RitzCarlton in Dubai very well and he loves it.

    I don't know guys but...

    ...if I were you, I'd wait with any Dubai/Middle East trip right now.

    Re: I don't know guys but...

    Yep. The area is kind of rough right now .

    Re: Weineck Cobra versus CLK-GTR in Dubai

    Only 140000 Euros Sign me up now!

    Re: Weineck Cobra versus CLK-GTR in Dubai

    According to a free translation of Newsletter 45/2002, published by German Magazine "Classic Driver", this is what happened in Dubai:

    No real promotion for mamemo tv: The "Dubai Racing Days" did not live up to what was promised,
    Weineck's 1200 HP Cobra radically outran every other contestant who in some cases were even granted several hundred meters initial lead. Major disappointment: Sultan Mohammed Bin Sulayem "could not participate" with his AMG CLK-GTR.

    (...maybe he knew why...)

    Re: Weineck Cobra versus CLK-GTR in Dubai

    The Weineck Cobra is also featured in the current issue of the German AutoZeitung magazine. They state 6.5sec for 0-200kph...

    Re: Weineck Cobra versus CLK-GTR in Dubai

    I guess the Weineck Cobra does 0-200 kpn in 6.5 seconds only if the Nitro System is activated. Probably over 900 HP finally.

    Sounds to be a great product but I'm pretty sure that this car has real problems to put all he power on the street. More of a showcar than a daily driver.

    Re: Weineck Cobra versus CLK-GTR in Dubai

    oh no, this car is not a show car, it is pure reality !
    I was a passenger in it this summer (Jens Weineck lives near by) and I got really scared. This beast has NASCAR-technology, NASCAR-engine and runs on F1 wet tyres. They build it in several versions, basic has 700HP, top has 900 HP and this without NOS! With NOS applied it cranks out 1200 HP! It could even go to 1500 for a short time.
    The 6.5 Sec 0-200 are for the 900 HP engine. With NOS only 5.6 Sec are needed.
    Production at the small plant is 15 to 17 units per annum, prices are between EUR 150,000.-- to 250,000.-- depending on the performance.
    Weineck's are genuine engine developers. They built all engines for the De Tomaso Pantera in the late seventies and eighties. Only after the closure of De Tomaso they started their Cobra project.

    Re: Weineck Cobra versus CLK-GTR in Dubai

    the weineck-cobra has 1200 PS without NOS and with NOS approx 1700 PS. You can see an video on


    Sorry I got a little bit misunderstood. By saying that the Weineck Cobra is a showcar, I meant it is almost impossible to drive it on the street, at least not in an average driver's hand.
    And yes, it has up to 900 HP and even more without NOS, sorry.

    I'm sorried for Weineck that he did the trip to far as I understood it wasn't worth a dime.

    Re: Charly...

    "THE Weineck Cobra" does not exist in just one version. There are 6 different models with different engine- and gear box set-up. The one shown in the video is again a special one. If you go to them and ask for a car they never sell anything from stock, they will build it just right for you.
    got you and you are right: these monsters need much more than just a "flat pedal guy". I thought I would like this kind of car but after driving in it I gave up. Already the very basic model requires a lot of practice. But Jens Weineck is good at it !

    Re: Charly...

    [image] [/image] [image] [/image]
    Only in German , sorry .

    Re: Weineck Cobra versus CLK-GTR in Dubai

    they'll try again...
    A new date for the street-race between Sultan Mohammed Bin Sulayem in his CLK-GTR and the Weineck-Cobra has been published: February 14th, 2003 in Dubai !
    Some more info should come up on this website:

    Re: Weineck Cobra versus CLK-GTR in Dubai

    Isn't that the same date the US Forces want to invade Iraq?
    I'd stay at home if I was them.

    Race was cancelled....

    According to the latest news from Weinecks the planned race did not take place for "organisational reasons", i.e. plain misorganisation and lack of professionalism of "mamemo tv".

    I guess we need a lot of luck to ever see this race happening...



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