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    Upcoming Boxster interior possibly 997 too

    Re: Upcoming Boxster interior possibly 997 too

    thanks ron. i've seen this pic in "autobild" last week, but didn't have any chance to scan it. i was and i am really badly surprised... IMO this interior is boring and looks like porsche stole some parts from VW or audi. the 996/986 interior isn't beautiful but it sure has got something special (at least if you're sitting in the car and it's the full leather option) -- but the cockpit on this pic has nothing special at all. it's just ordinary. not the interior of a dream car, that's for sure.

    Re: Upcoming Boxster interior possibly 997 too

    Come on Zzoba,
    Don't be too harsh,
    I think it's looks ok, more of an evolution than a revolution compared to the actual interior.
    But it's still nice though.
    You can see the influence of the Cayenne, it's actually a nice blend between the 996 interior and the Cayenne interior.
    What is for you a nice interior?
    I personally like curvy lines in interiors (which is not the case for Porsche, Lambo, etc... Shame) like the SL, 360, etc. for example (we are talking about interiors here only)
    For some reason, I really like it too when the lower center console is high, it gives you the impression that you are surrounded by the interior this is the case in the Lambos, TVRs, Z8, SL... as opposed to Porsches and 360.
    PS: One of the best interior is the Audi TT, no no really I'm serious.

    Re: Upcoming Boxster interior possibly 997 too

    hmm i like the interior of the new SL as well. reminds me of the porsche 928 cockpit, which i loved. i think audi did a great job with the new A8 and the pike's peak concept interior. and i liked the early 90's BMW 8 series cockpit (e.g. 850CSi), it really looked like a space shuttle cockpit.

    on the other hand i adore sporty, stripped out interiors like the pre-996 (964, 993) carrera's or the ferrari modena's.

    my opinion about the boxster interior pic is mainly based on the pic i've seen in the german autobild magazine... it was high quality and the materials looked cheap as well. ok, it's a test mule and not a production car, but IMO it really misses anything special. it could even be the interior of the A3 or the new golf.

    Re: Upcoming Boxster interior possibly 997 too

    So they still can't even match what the Audi TT has to offer

    Looks nice though.

    Re: Upcoming Boxster interior possibly 997 too

    There is a US government web site that has drawings & descriptions of the upcoming dashboard. I'm sorry I can't remember the site exactly but it was the place where all correspondence between the PCNA lawyers and US government staff lawyers gets released. There were even documents about seat belt designs and other safety related items from early eighties 911's. A lot of stuff going way back. Anyway the new dash was/is video screen based or that is what they were working towards.

    I truely hope they get the design problems sorted out...

    ...this looks a little bit like the Audi TT.

    We shouldn't give too much importance to this pic, it might look completely different when the new Boxster and 997 come out. What Porsche tries to do now is to seperate the Boxster and 997 design but at the same time give Boxster customers the feel that they drive a real Porsche. I'm curious to see how this will happen, it surely will be interesting.

    I also heard rumors, that there is still some disagreement among some "decision people" at Porsche how to approach the power issue. Some want substantially more power on the upcoming new models, some argue that a real Porsche doesn't define itself through power only. Now you guys can imagine on which one's side I am, right?

    Re: I truely hope they get the design problems sorted out...

    You know, I think that the TT interiror looks better than the Boxster interior, it's certainly better finished don't you think?
    What kind of interior do you like?
    Is this a computer generated pic? I thought it was a leak from Porsche bc it does look typically Porsche IMO, not great but functionnal.
    About the power, oh yes, I know which side you'd take RC



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