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    picked up new Cayenne Turbo

    After 4 long months of waiting, my new Cayenne Turbo has arrived. Marine blue exterior and Chestnut brown interior. Ordered 18" wheels for winter use, had 20" Sport Techno for summer. Next mod is Alum. roof rails and clear markers.

    Not much of a driving report yet, but at only 2000 to 3000 rpm cruising, the truck felt fast and stable. The sport button did make the driving feels more sporty, more so that in my 997S.

    Save an extra CAN $9000 due to market adjustment, which is great.

    Please enjoy some pictures.

    N.B. not sure if this info. is accurate, but my salesperson told me the Panamera will come out in Fall 2009 as a 2010 model. He said the 2 rear doors are "suicide doors"!?

    Re: picked up new Cayenne Turbo


    Re: picked up new Cayenne Turbo


    Re: picked up new Cayenne Turbo


    Re: picked up new Cayenne Turbo


    Re: picked up new Cayenne Turbo

    last one

    Re: picked up new Cayenne Turbo

    Congrats - very nice! I can smell that new interior from here!

    Re: picked up new Cayenne Turbo

    haha loevely car! is that on the tsawwassen BC ferry terminal!! thats awesome.. Im from Bowen Island but i currently am living in Victoria because im stuyding at the University of Victoria!!

    you car is lovely!!


    Re: picked up new Cayenne Turbo

    Sweet! I like the interior a lot too!

    Many congrats, Tim!

    Re: picked up new Cayenne Turbo

    Congrats for your new Cayenne Turbo, it looks awsome.

    Regarding the Panamera, the launch should take place in the first half of calendar 2009. It is therefore possible that it could be available in Canada only late 2009 as a MY 2010

    Re: picked up new Cayenne Turbo

    That is the best looking interior combo i have seen on a cayenne, congrats. The marine blue is nice also.

    BUT, compared to the Cayenne GTS, this looks like it's waiting for a flood. It is either a wheel rim size issue or chassis lowering deal, or BOTH. I konw you said 18's but can it be lowered?

    Re: picked up new Cayenne Turbo

    Thanks everyone for kind words.

    Yes, it was at the ferry terminal. I bought it from Speedway Porsche at Victoria.

    The CTT was parked at regular normal setting. Yes, it looks a bit high. Will drive it for a while and get comfortable with various height settings before considering the lowering link.

    Re: picked up new Cayenne Turbo

    Great colours! Enjoy that car...

    Re: picked up new Cayenne Turbo

    Tim. Congrats. Excellent color combination. You will definitely enjoy your car. How do you like the ride? Definitely get the lowering links. My car has been in the shop since the beginning of the week. Getting some modes done. Won't get back until next week. Again. Congrats

    Re: picked up new Cayenne Turbo

    i was just over in Tswwasssen for a few days while at the Bc Tax conference downtown - thought that was the terminal. that is a nice colour combo - pretty rare in the Porsche world!

    i really like that stock 18" Turbo wheel; Sport Techno's for the summer is awesome.

    the door open pic gives a good feel.

    that new licence plate - i kept thinking they were American plates.

    Re: picked up new Cayenne Turbo

    It looks really good.
    Many compliments for the choice

    Re: picked up new Cayenne Turbo

    One of the best interior color combos...

    ...time to remove ASAP amber side markers and install clear...


    Re: picked up new Cayenne Turbo

    Thanks everyone.

    Will do clear markers when I have time.

    I like the ride much better than my ex-CS (with steel suspension). However the seat cushion for Cayenne is still rather "stiff".



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