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    Drivers Republic: V8 Saloons test

    The feature is now available to read and the videos and telemetry laps will be viewable in the next few days.

    As usual any questions, just ask. I brought my M3 CSL along to the Silverstone laps, and despite it's poor health it still showed what an old-timer can accomplish.

    Great fun as always.

    Re: Drivers Republic: V8 Saloons test

    Excellent piece of work. Really enjoyed it!

    Re: Drivers Republic: V8 Saloons test

    Thanks Steve - really appreciate the great work you guys are doing

    Re: Drivers Republic: V8 Saloons test

    Thanks guys. We posted the preview video for our Supercar grouptest today and plan to have the full digital feature live by Thursday this week.;area=videos

    Lots of videos and sound files to be shared too.

    Re: Drivers Republic: V8 Saloons test

    A fantastic read! I loved how you guys threw in the B7RS4 and the E39 M5 into the comparison as well.

    I think the IS-F is a terrific first attempt from lexus. Was astonished to see how small the time gap is around silverstone, there's hardly anything in it.

    btw, are you still going to do a review of the M3 with the DCT?

    Re: Drivers Republic: V8 Saloons test

    Too bad these cars have no culture relevance to me since GM incessently keeps their good/fun sedans overseas, while we get gem products like the Impala or Monte Carlo.

    Re: Drivers Republic: V8 Saloons test


    btw, are you still going to do a review of the M3 with the DCT?

    We reviewed it initially when it was first launched, but the opportunity has not yet arisen to bring it back into a test.

    I'd be interested in bringing M-DCT together with PDK, and the other double-clutch transmissions available from Nissan, Mitsibushi, VW/Audi etc.

    My personal feeling is that double-clutch transmissions have under-delivered on driver enjoyment and I prefer either a good auto or manual.

    Re: Drivers Republic: V8 Saloons test

    I fully agree with you. Regarding autobox, one of the best IMHO is in Jag XKR... Maybe you can share your opinion about it here as well?

    Re: Drivers Republic: V8 Saloons test

    Hi Kreso, yes I really enjoyed the auto box on the Jag XKR, it's as instant as most double-clutch transmissions and it blips on the downchange too. It makes you wonder why double-clutch boxes are even necessary, but then auto boxes sap more power.

    The Jag's auto was quite a stark contrast to the automated manual fitted to the V8 Vantage we used in the GT-R/R8/911 test, I hated that with a passion - it was a bad auto and a clunky manual, the worst of both worlds.

    Aston can do much better, I know this because we've been driving the new Aston DBS Touchtronic and it's a belter. Full report when the embargo lifts next week.

    Nowadays autos have become much more driver oriented and yet still retain the ability to smooch along with zero effort, the best double-clutch system that I've driven which can compete with these autos is the system fitted to the VW Passat R36, now that was very impressive.



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